Asia cup 2023 Afghanistan Squad [Announced]

Today’s Big Update About Asia Cup 2023. The Afghanistan Squad is announced by the cricket board. hee is the Complete List.

The Afghanistan team will be pretty excited for the Asia Cup 2023. Afghans have made a name for themselves in the past 5 years. This is mainly because of the emergence of young players who have performed well on the international stage. In the T20 format, Afghans seem to rule the stage. They are unpredictable, firey, and full of zeal and zest to win the game. These are the things that give a team a fighting chance.

The Asia Cup 2023 Schedule is Also Uploaded here. Today BCCI also Announced the India Team Squad For Asia Cup this is big news about cricket today.

But that is T20 format. This year’s Asia Cup will be played in the ODI format. Can they pull the same performance in the longer format of the game? It will be a challenge for them as well as the team management. Afghans have seen their fair share of tension at home. Cricket is one of the only outlets for the nation for happiness right now.

Will this team be able to win this year? We have to find out using their squad as a factor. Let’s see!

Afghanistan Asia Cup Squad

The following players will likely play in the Asia Cup against all the other teams.

Afghanistan Asia Cup 2023 Team
Players Roles
Rahmanullah Gurbaz Wicketkeeper-batsman
Ibrahim Zadran batsman
Rahmat Shah Allrounder
Hashmatullah Shahidi Batsman
Najibullah Zadran Batsman
Mohammad Nabi Allrounder
Gulbadin Naib Allrounder
Rashid Khan Allrounder
Noor Ahmad Left-arm chinaman
Mujeeb Ur Rahman offspinner
 Fazalhaq Farooqi Fast bowler

This is some serious squad. We have a lot of impact players who have played in a lot of leagues. Especially Rashid Khan. He is a star player and ranks high in the ICC rankings. We will discuss him separately in this article as well.

So let’s see who are the players who will be key to Afghanistan’s success in the Asia Cup 2023

Impact players

Let’s start with the impact players. These players have played in the T20 leagues all over the world. And it is not like they haven’t created an impact based on the categories they are picked into. Hence, we can say that these players have the vigor to perform internationally.

So when we look at this year’s Asia Cup, we must look at these players. So let’s do that.

Rashid khan

The first player on the list is Rashid Khan. Rashid can be considered the prime player for Afghanistan. He has changed the course of the Afghanistan team with his presence. Rashid Khan is a match-winner; any team will be lucky to have a player like him. Not only does he provide a good wicket-taking option along with controlling runs, but also he is a great option to have in the tail-end. He can bat, which makes him even better.

Rashid Khan has an average of 20 with a decent strike rate. Because he plays in the lower order, this makes him an asset. This explains why he ranks high in the all-rounders’ rankings.


He can bowl both standard offspin and leg spin and blistering googlies. Mujeeb, who is only 16 years old, aspires to be like Rashid Khan, his two-year senior. There’s also a lot of excitement about him, backed up by the weight of his performances.

Since then, he has been performing well in different franchises. It isn’t easy to read him since he can easily switch between offspin and leg break googlies. Hence, his wicket-taking ability is quite sly. He will be the bowler Afghanistan looks forward to when they want to break a partnership or control some runs in the middle overs.

Najibullah Zadran

Zadran brings a lot of experience to the team. He has been playing for about 82 ODI matches. Despite his small stature, Najibullah Zadran delivers a punch with his left-handed hitting. He took the same tried-and-true path to the national team as many of his generation’s successors to the original Afghan cricket innovators, with age-group cricket training him for international cricket.

You have to look past his stats because he has a lot of match-winning performances under his wing. Afghanistan will look towards Zadran if they want a decent score on the scorecard. He is crucial to their victories.

Mohammad Nabi

Mohammad Nabi can be considered one of the OGs of the Afghanistan cricket team. He was a member of the Afghanistan team, which used to get bullied by other teams. But he led the team to a point where they could lift their head high and look towards the sky.

Mohammad Nabi can control the runs with his offspin while taking wickets here and there. He is the go-to option in the middle overs. Plus his batting ability has earned him a sweet spot in many franchises. He has also led the Afghanistan team in the past, meaning he can read the room and analyze what the other guys are thinking about. This means that he can make decisions that are good for the team.

Nabi is an impact player, one of the top few all-rounders in international cricket.

Fazal Haq Farooqi

A young and budding fast bowler, Fazal Haq can take wickets with the new ball while containing the opposition in the death overs. Fazal Haq Farooqi started his ODI career against the Netherlands in Doha. In his first match, he took one wicket, which was impactful.

While his economy rate is 5, he has 17 wickets in 10 ODI matches. The young pacer takes wickets while bowling in the death overs and powerplay.

Considering his recent performances in the PSL, he will be impactful in the Asia Cup 2023

Rahmanullah Gurbaz

Rahmanullah Gurbaz has made a lot of match-winning contributions in PSL 2023. While his team may not have been fortunate, his performances are decent. The young batsman has a lot of enthusiasm. He has provided quick runs to his team whenever the situation requires it. It will be interesting to see if he can reciprocate his performance in the ODI format.

So far, he has an average of 41 with a strike rate of 88. These are some promising numbers for the Afghanistan cricket team.


Overall, Afghanistan will be relying on its star players. Players like Rashid Khan, Nabi, Gurbaz, and Mujeeb are the light for Afghans. They can turn the tide of the match. Of course, they will face giants like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. But so far, they have won against the Titans of international cricket. This Asia Cup may be the first in history where many of these titans fall. Afghanistan has started to play some serious cricket. It is possible that with the right mindset and discipline, they can win the matches this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will try to answer the internet’s most FAQs about Afghanistan Cricket Team.

Who are the Afghan squad in the Pak series?

Players like Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi, and Gurbaz played in the series.

Who are the participants in Asia Cup 2023?

Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal will play in the Asia Cup 2023.

Which team will win Asia Cup 2023?

There are strong chances that either Pakistan or India will win.

Where is the Asia Cup in 2024?

Sri Lanka will host the next Asia Cup.

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