Lahore Qalandars Squad 2024 PSL 9 [CONFIRMED]

In this article, we discuss the latest information and update you about the PSL 9 Lahore Qalandars Squad 2024. we also cover the complete squad with player profiles and performance. All Categories are updated here.


These are the players for Lahore Qalandras this year.

Shaheen AfridiPacer
Fakhar ZamanBatsman
Rassie van der DussenBatsman
Haris RaufPacer
David WieseAllrounder
Sahibzada FarhanBatsman
Sikandar RazaBatting allrounder
Abdullah ShafiqueBatsman
Zaman KhanPacer
Mirza Tahir BaigBatsman
Rashid KhanLegspinner
Mohammad Imran JnrPacer
Ahsan Hafeez BhattiAllrounder
Dan LawrenceBatsman
Jahandad KhanBatsman
Syed Faridoun MahmoodLeft arm wrist spin
Shai HopeWicketkeeper batsman
Kamran GhulamAllrounder
Bhanuka RajapaksaBatsman
Tayyab AbbasPacer

The PSL Schedule 2024 timetable has been announced.

Lahore Qalandars PSL 9 player categories

Shaheen AfridiPlatinum
Fakhar ZamanPlatinum
Rassie van der DussenPlatinum
Haris RaufDiamond
David WieseDiamond
Sahibzada FarhanDiamond
Sikandar RazaGold
Abdullah ShafiqueGold
Zaman KhanGold
Mirza Tahir BaigSilver
Rashid KhanSilver
Mohammad Imran JnrSilver
Ahsan Hafeez BhattiSilver
Dan LawrenceSilver
Jahandad KhanEmerging
Syed Faridoun MahmoodEmerging
Shai HopeSupplementary
Kamran GhulamSupplementary
Bhanuka RajapaksaSupplementary
Tayyab AbbasSupplementary

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Lahore Qalandars Match Schedule PSL 9

Feb 17, 2024Islamabad UnitedGaddafi Stadium Lahore
Feb 19, 2024Quetta GladiatorsGaddafi Stadium Lahore
Feb 21, 2024Multan SultansMultan Cricket Stadium
Feb 24, 2024Karachi KingsGaddafi Stadium Lahore
Feb 25, 2024Peshawar ZalmiGaddafi Stadium Lahore
Feb 27, 2024Multan SultansGaddafi Stadium Lahore
Mar 2, 2024Peshawar ZalmiPindi Cricket Stadium
Mar 6, 2024Islamabad UnitedPindi Cricket Stadium
Mar 9, 2024Karachi KingsNational Bank Stadium
Mar 10, 2024Quetta GladiatorsNational Bank Stadium

The defending champions will start their campaign on 17 March against Islamabad United. The good news is, they are playing this match in their home ground. Also, they will play the last match on 10 March against Quetta Gladiators in Karachi.

Lahore Qalandars will get 1 match in Multan, 2 matches in Karachi, 5 matches in Lahore, and 2 matches in Rawalpindi.

All teams

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Quetta Gladiators PSL 9Multan Sultans Squad 2024
Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024

lahore qalandars
Quetta Gladiators
Karachi Kings
Islamabad United
Multan Sultans

CaptainShaheen Shah Afridi
TeamLahore Qalandars
OwnerRana Fawad
Winning Prediction70%
Brand AmbassadorHaris Rauf


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Pakistan Super League, also known as PSL, was sponsored by HBL. It is a franchise of twenty20 cricket leagues established by the Pakistan Cricket Board in 2015. HBL became the partner of PSL in November 2018 for the next Four years up to 2024.

Pakistan Super League Teams

In PSL, every team will consist of 10 players. Eighteen players will constitute a squad having 2 supplementary players. In PSL’s eighth edition, there will be six teams that will play against each other, and everyone will try to win the trophy of PSL. There is a possibility that a seventh team, Middlesex, will play. But let’s see how the talks between ECB and PCB play out.


Teams of PSL 9

In PSL, six teams will play against each other, and their names are given below:

  1. Lahore Qalandars
  2. Multan Sultans
  3. Peshawar Zalmi
  4. Karachi Kings
  5. Islamabad United
  6. Quetta Gladiators

Lahore Qalandars Squad

Shaheen is the spearhead of the bowling attack. With him and pacers like Dilbar Hussain, who can change the face of the game scenario, there is no doubt that the bowling department is vital. They look forward to Tayyab Tahir in the batting lineup and have high hopes for him.

Fakhar Zaman is enthusiastic about playing big shots. Only time will tell if the decisions during bidding were right or wrong.

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The owner of Lahore Qalandars is Fawad Rana, the owner of Qatar Lubricants Company.

Fawad Naeem Rana is a Pakistani entrepreneur who manages the Lahore Qalandars.  He also serves as the MD of QALCO, situated in Doha.

He appeared out of the blue and has since emerged as an important component of the Pakistan Super League because of his spirited, passionate, and spectacular appearances in Lahore Qalandars games.

Fawad Rana knew nothing about cricket. This, team leadership and growth were delegated to his siblings, Atif and Sameen Rana. He is the individual who is putting money into the squad.

He stated that he is treating this as a corporation and is not concerned about the deficits they are experiencing. But now that Lahore Qalandars are the defending champions in PSL 8, Fawad must be very happy. He is one passionate fan, I must say.

This much is certain: this guy has a particular place within the hearts of every Pakistani, and believe me, it used to sting when the Lahore Qalandars would lose. Not due to the team but rather due to this person’s emotions.

Thank you, Fawad Rana, for this squad and for delighting our nation. And thank you for trusting LQ. Now you can do the Bhangra after Lahore is the defending champion. You deserve it.

Watch:- PSL 9 Live Streaming 2024


Shaheen Afridi is the captain of Lahore Qalandars.

Many were sceptical when Shaheen Shah Afridi, a young fast bowler, was made the captain of Lahore Qalandars during PSL 2022. Lahore Qalandars had been doing poorly as a franchise since the tournament’s inception. The cricket pundits thought that the pressure of making one of the worst teams would also ruin Shaheen’s career as a player. However, they were wrong.

Shaheen Shah Afridi became the captain to steer this Lahore team to their first-ever victory, and later, became the first captain to win the PSL title back-to-back. He also became the first captain in the tournament’s history to defend the PSL title. This made him the best captain in the PSL by default. No one questions his leadership skills anymore.

And becoming a captain didn’t affect his performance at all. Shaheen became the leading wicket-taker in PSL 2022 and took 19 wickets in PSL 2023.

This reputation has also helped the Qalandar become the National T20 team’s captain.

This section will tell you about the PSL players list of Lahore qalandars in three categories, like batsman, bowlers, and all-rounders, with detailed names below.


This section will tell you about the Lahore Qalandar squad 2023. As a batsman, nine players are used. Their names are given below:

  1. Fakhar Zaman
  2. Rassie van der Dussen
  3. Sahibzada Farhan
  4. Abdullah Shafique
  5. Mirza Tahir Baig
  6. Dan Lawrence
  7. Jahandad Khan
  8. Shai Hope

The batting looks a lot more promising and even more menacing than the last season. Lahore Qalandars also look like they will win this season with such a batting lineup. Let’s review some of the star players.

Let’s talk about the local talent first. Fakhar, Sahibzada, Abdullah, and Mirza Tahir Baig are all-star players in their rights. Fakhar Zaman has established himself as a power-hitting force in Pakistan’s national side. He needs no introductions. His heroics against New Zealand during the CWC 2023 are enough to showcase his talents.

The next in line is Abdullah Shafique. In the short time he has represented Pakistan, he has cemented himself as a reliable opening batsman. With him at the top of the order, Lahore Qalandars have an iron-clad wall that will help them score big runs.

Sahibzada Farhan and Mirza Tahir Baig have all the merits in domestic and A tours. Nobody can forget Farhan’s 100 against India during the emerging Asia Cup.

If we look at the international talent, RVD is the best choice Lahore could go for. His exploits in the CWC 2023 have shown that he has the merits to be in the platinum category.

Lahore is going to have a blast this season.


In the bowler’s field of Lahore Qalandars, seven players are used, and their names are given below:

  • Shaheen Afridi
  • Haris Rauf
  • Zaman Khan
  • Rashid Khan
  • Mohammad Imran Jnr
  • Syed Faridoun Mahmood

This is the best bowling lineup in PSL so far. We are still concerned about Rashid playing in PSL this season. However, despite no Rashid in PSL 9, Lahore’s bowling attack is as dangerous as possible for the opposition. Shaheen’s seam and swing and Haris’s pace need no introduction.

They have left a mark on the cricket world in such a short amount of time. Let’s talk about the upcoming star among these giants.

Zaman Khan has become one of the best T20 bowlers in 2023. He picked up 62 wickets in a year, making him the Pakistani bowler with the most T20 wickets in a year. Previously, Shaheen, Shadab, and Haris have held that record. However, it is time for the young blood to make records now.

His ability to bowl yorkers makes him a lethal option in the death bowlers. And he has shown that in back-to-back PSL finals by defending the runs in the final overs.

Rashid is unavailable for the season due to a back injury. It was difficult for the Lahore Qalandars to fill his specific role. But you gotta do what you gotta do.


In all-rounders of Lahore Qalandars :

  1. Kamran Ghulam
  2. David Wiese
  3. Sikandar Raza
  4. Ahsan Hafeez Bhatti

David Wiese and Sikandar Raza are going to be the impact players. Kamran Ghulam is a supplementary player, which means that he isn’t going to be available under normal circumstances. Hence, all the burden of playing a part as an allrounder falls on our two international players.

David has been a PSL star for a long time. And it was in the previous season that Sikandar rose above the ranks. His ability to control the middle overs and David’s expertise in the death overs complete Lahore’s already strong bowling set-up. Both of these players’ batting ability is a given.


In Lahore Qalandars, eight members are included from overseas countries. Their names are given below:

  • Rassie van der Dussen
  • David Wiese
  • Sikandar Raza
  • Dan Lawrence
  • Shai Hope

Lahore has quite the lineup here. Having all of these international players in your squad tells how strong your team is. RVD is a powerhouse that knows when to shift gears, hit those quick runs, and act as the wall. But I hardly doubt RVD is going to slow down in HBL PSL 9.

David Wiese and Sikandar Raza are one of the best allrounders. They both had a good season last year. At this point, Wiese is a household name in the LQ fandom. How he can control the middle and death overs and hit those runs makes him a valuable team player.

Sikandar Raza is quite handy with his offspin, while his ability to hit those runs in the middle overs makes him the best choice in T20s.

However, Dan Lawrence is a new name. His stats are also quite average. However, his recent performances have convinced the LQ management to use his purple patch.


 Lahore Qalandars played 26 matches, winning 8 and losing 17. Therefore, their overall percentage is 30.76%, and they got the 5th position in PSL.

Live- Lahore Qalandars News Update

You can also read Live Blog – Lahore Qalandars 2024 News Updates in this section.

Lahore Qalandar’s official radio partner

17 February 2024

Excellent news for Lahore Qalandars supporters! They’ve teamed up with FM100, who will be their official radio partner.

This means you can now listen to all of the action from Lahore Qalandars matches on FM100 radio. Get ready to hear all the cricket news and excitement on the radio!

FM100 will be the voice of the Lahore Qalandars during their matches. They’ll discuss everything from match results to behind-the-scenes.

FM100 ensures that you never miss a second of the action. They’ll keep you informed and amused all season with colourful commentary and professional insight.

FM100 provides tons of cricket updates and news.

you are, FM100 is going to keep you up to date on the latest results, highlights, and analysis from Lahore Qalandars matches.

So, keep your radio set to FM100 to be updated on the cricketing world.

International Qalandar Brothers joining the party

15 February 2024

Rassie van der Dussen and David Wiese have entered the party. They have reached Pakistan and will be joining the Lahore Qalandars for the training camp ahead of the start of HBL PSL 9. Lahore Qalandars will play the first match against Islamabad United on 17 February 2024. Both Rassie van der Dussen and David Wiese are crucial to Lahore’s success this year.

Happy birthday, ABD!

12 February 2024

Wait, it is not his birthday yet. But the legend has already revealed how he will celebrate his birthday.

ABD is going to celebrate his birthday on 17 February. And he has said that he will celebrate it by watching the Lahore Qalandars play against Islamabad United.

Remember that ABD was part of Lahore Qalandars in the initial seasons. He says that he has a lot of good memories during his time with the Qalandar brothers, and he wishes them well for the upcoming season.

You know what AB de Villiars, we wish you a very happy birthday in advance.

Training for HBL PSL 9 begins

11 February 2024

The Qalandar brothers have started training for HBL PSL 9. So how did their day 1 of the training go?

Lahore Qalandars shared a video of their training day on its social media accounts. You can see the players training, doing the drills, fielding, and much more.

Football is a great way to warm you up. And you can see the Qalandar brothers playing football.

After that, you can see Fakhar Zaman looking like a boss, doing his batting practice.

Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf can be seen bowling in the nets with full force. There are other bowlers as well who are working hard with Aqib Javed.

The shot ends with Shaheen Afridi trying his had at power hitting, something he must have inherited from his father-in-law, the legend, BOOM BOOM AFRIDI.

214-run partnership!

10 February 2024

With just 7 days to go till the advent of HBL PSL season 9, the Qalandar Brothers are already showing their fangs. The Qalandar batsmen, Sahibzada Farhan and Kamran Ghulam had a 214-run partnership during the President’s Trophy 2024. This partnership is a testament to their skill and patience. It showcases that these batters have a strong foundation, which is necessary for batting in any format of the game.

Zaman Khan’s expertise in death overs

7 February 2024

Zaman Khan is an expert in deathovers. He has had one of the best years in T20 cricket recently. This is because of his ability to keep his calm in the final overs.

Lahore Qalandars shared a video where Zaman had to defend 12 runs in 6 balls. Azam and Asif were on the strike. However, they were facing Zaman Khan. Zaman successfully defended the runs, helping Lahore win that match against Islamabad United.


9 matches in Gaddafi Stadium this year

6 February 2024

The Gaddafi Stadium will witness nine matches this year. And the Lahore Qalandars fans will get to support the Qalandar Brothers five out of these nine times in their home ground. Lahore has five matches on their home turf. And the ticket prices vary as well. So people from different income groups can come and enjoy the matches in Lahore.

Hop on to the LQ Arts Competition

3 February 2024

Lahore Qalandars is arranging a fan-art competition. The participants have to create their own handmade Lahore Qalandars art pieces and publish them on social media platforms with the hashtags #QalandarBrothers and #LQFanArt.

The applicants have to submit their original work, and it should be digital art. If you want to submit multiple works, you can do it.

The last date for submission is 8 February 2024. So spark the fire of your creativity and show your love for the Qalandar brothers.

Can Lahore win in PSL 9?

2 February 2024

Lahore Qalandars has emerged as one of the strongest teams in recent years. From ending up at the bottom of the points table to becoming the first team to ever defend their PSL title, Lahore Qalandars have shown the value of future planning and developing young players.

Haris Rauf and Shaheen are examples of their PDP, a program that helps the development of young players.

With how the current teams are, Lahore has hardly changed its team structure. They are so strong they didn’t even budge when Rashid was unavailable for this season as well. This speaks volumes of their ability.

There is a strong chance Lahore will win this year as well.

Fakhar Zaman hitting the gym

1 February 2024

In a recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Lahore Qalandars shared a video where we can see Fakhar hitting the gym hard. It is not easy to hit those huge sixers. Hitting the ball out of the park needs muscles, and we can see how Fakhar trains. Are you excited to see him use those muscles to hit fours and sixers in HBL PSL 9?

Mohammad Imran, the unstoppable Qalandar

31 January 2024

The silver pick of Lahore Qalandars, Mohammad Imran, has just stolen the show in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League. While bowling against Sylhet Strikers, he has taken 4 wickets for 29 runs, making Syhlet’s chase a dream that didn’t come true.

Excited to see him in the upcoming PSL?

Lahore Qalandars replacement draft picks

29 January 2024

Lahore didn’t replace either Rashid or Dan Lawrence with anyone. However, Dan will only be available partially.

PlayerNon-availability StatusReplacement
Dan LawrencePartialReserved
Rashid KhanFullReserved

Not replacing Rashid Khan has a 50-50 reaction from the fans. Some want the Qalandars management to replace him if he isn’t available full time. Some fans agree with this move, saying that Rashid has done a lot for the franchise, and the team is right to be considerate if Rashid is going through a tough time.

Following are Lahore’s 3rd and 4th supplementary picks

Bhanuka RajapaksaBatsman
Tayyab AbbasPacer

Lahore Qalandars have gotten the batting powerhouse in the supplementary category. Rajapaksa, when decides to shift gears, can be a nightmare for the bowlers.

Qalandars to look for Rashid’s replacement tomorrow

28 January 2024

As the headline suggests, Lahore Qalandars will look for Rashid Khan’s replacement in tomorrow’s replacement draft. Rashid is unavailable due to fitness concerns, which is a setback for the team. However, Lahore is more than capable of handling this with the current players it has. Let’s see who fills Rashid’s shoes in this year’s PSL.

Shaheen soars in ILT20

24 January 2024

The skipper has made his ILT20 debut against the Gulf Giants. He was playing for the Vipers, and helped them secure their first win in the series. Shaheen took three wickets and only conceded 22 runs in 4 overs. The tight bowling allowed the team to restrict the Giants at 160 runs. Absolutely lethal bowling from the skipper!

Fakhar Zaman completes his 6000 runs

14 January 2024

Fakhar Zaman, the 33-year-old batsman from Mardan, has completed his 6000 runs in T20 format. In the game against the Kiwis, Fakhar scored 50 runs in 25 deliveries, achieving the remarkable feat in the most popular format of the game.

Unfortunately, Fakhar got out bowled by Adam Milne. cutting short his heroics, and denting Pakistan’s efforts to chase the target set by the Black Caps.

Fakhar is finally shifting gears, and it will help out Lahore Qalandars a lot in the 9th edition of HBL PSL.

In other news, Jahandad Khan got 7 wickets for 65 runs in the President’s trophy. So far, these are the best bowling figures in the tournament. Lahore will have to play a player from the emerging category. This means the team is pretty safe entering in the tournament.

RVD, Take a bow!

13 January 2024

Lahore’s Platinum pick, Rassie van der Dussen, has scored an explosive innings of 104(50) in the SA20 tournament. He was representing MI Cape Town against the Joburg Super Kings. Courtesy of his ton, the MI Cape Town scored 243-5 in the first innings. Trust me, it was not an easy task considering that RVD was facing bowlers like Imran Tahir, Romario Shepherd, and Lizaad Williams.

The other team couldn’t win this uphill battle and collapsed at 145 runs. This earned the Qalandar Brother a MOTM award. It’s a good thing that things are starting to get good for the defending champions. Lahore has struck a gold mine by selecting him in the drafts. They will play the tournament opener against Islamabad United. Ironically, RVD previously represented ISLU. Are you ready to see him thrash his old mates? Well tune to your TV screens on 17 February to find out.

3 Qalandar Brothers in the first match against the Kiwis

12 January 2024

As the heading suggests, 3 players from Lahore Qalandars will represent Pakistan during the first T20I match against team New Zealand. These players include Haris Rauf, Fakhar Zaman, and of course, the skipper, Shaheen Shah Afridi. Shaheen will lead the national side for the first time, while Fakhar Zaman is batting down in the middle order. Haris Rauf will look forward to finding his form for the World Cup. There are a lot of things the Qalandar brothers can potentially learn from this match. And we will tell you about everything that has happened with our players. Turn on the notification and come back to this section fo the blog to know more each day.

Shadab hopeful for Shaheen’s capabilities as a skipper

9 January 2024

Shadab Khan, in a recent interview, expressed his views on Babar Azam leaving the reigns of captaincy and Shaheen Shah Afridi debuting as the national team’s skipper. Focusing on Shaheen’s role, he said that he delivered for the LQ in the HBL PSL. Now, it is time for him to show the results for the team against the Kiwis. And he is hopeful that Shaheen will deliver.

Haris and Shaheen inspiring the generations to come

4 January 2024

Lahore Qalandars recently shared a video where the young Zimbabwean all-rounder, Tinotenda Mapos, is sharing his thoughts on Haris Rauf and Shaheen Shah Afridi being his inspiration. He came to the attention when he took a 5-fer in his first-class match. Maps said in the video that Shaheen and Haris are bowling consistently at 140 KPH and are not getting affected by the situation. This shows how much class they have and their hard work. Mapos thinks that by having similar training conditions as Haris and Shaheen, courtesy of Lahore Qalandars, he can achieve the same results in the long run as his heroes.

Haris and Zaman join the training camp

2 January 2024

Haris Rauf and Zaman Khan, the prime pacers from Lahore Qalandars, have been selected for the New Zealand tour. The matches will star this month. But before the tournament, the management has organized a training camp in Australia, and both players will participate. Keep in mind that that both of these players were having a blast in the Big Bash League season 13.

Recalling Zaman’s excellence

29 December 2023

In a recent post on X, the Lahore Qalandars team, or the Qalandar Brothers, shared Zaman Khan’s last over from the final last year. No one could forget the guts this young lad showed in that final over. It was 18 March 2023, the situation was dire. In Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, the Qalandars defended 200 runs against the Sultans. However, even this score didn’t seem enough.

Multan Sultans only had to score 12 runs in the last over. And who did Shaheen give the ball to? Of course, it was the young Zaman Khan. Zaman bowled immaculate. His yorkers and slower ones helped Lahore win by 1 run. And it doesn’t seem like Zaman has lost his touch. He has taken the most wickets by any Pakistani bowler in a calender in T20s. Let’s see how impactful he can be in PSL 9.

Pakistan Bay and the House of Rauf

28 December 2023

Aussies love Haris Rauf. And they have showcased that in the BBL 13. Haris Rauf was representing Melbourne Stars in BBL 13. The speedster was rattling the stumps and entertaining the crowd. The Stars have set up a Pakistan Bay in the stadium to facilitate his desi fans. And they have also established the “House of Rauf” club. All the members will get front rows in the Pakistan Bay.

Zaman Khan ruling T20s

24 December 2023

The Qalandar Brother, Zaman Khan, is doing great in T20 cricket. With his sling action, Zaman has taken over Shadab’s place on the leaderboard. Last year, Shadab took the most T20 wickets in a calendar as a Pakistani player. He took 61 wickets. However, Zaman Khan has taken over his record by claiming the 62nd wicket in the Big Bash League 2024. The good thing is that there are still some games left before Zaman can improve this record and make things difficult for the other players 😉

Zaman Khan is a master when it comes to bowling in death overs. He helped Qalandars get back-to-back PSL titles by defending runs in the final overs. It was like a deja vu last year when Zaman defended runs in the final over of PSL 2023, helping Qalandars win the match against Multan Sultans. He did the same thing against the same team back in PSL 2022.

Shaheen gets his first gig as the National captain

19 December 2023

Today, chief selector Wahab Riaz announced Pakistan’s squad for the T20 series against New Zealand. Many Qalandar brothers are in the squad, including Shaheen, Fakhar, Haris Rauf, Sahibzada Farhan, and Zaman Khan. However, the most exciting part is that it will be Shaheen’s first match as the national team’s captain. He was named the National team’s T20 captain shortly after the CWC 2023. Now, this is going to be his first gig as a captain. Can he take the Pakistan team to the next level, like with Qalandars?

Faridoun and Farhan join the Qalandar Brothers

17 December 2023

The Qalandars picked Fardoun and Sahibzada Farhan during the PSL 9 drafts on 13 December 2023. Today, they have openly thanked the team management on social media. Faridoun was picked up in the emerging category, while Sahibzada Farhan was in the Diamond category this time.

Faridoun, the 22-year-old left-arm chinaman has played for Melbourne Stars as well. Left-arm wrist spinners are rare, and having Faridoun on the list provides the Qalandars with a great wicket-taking option on Pakistani pitches.

Sahibzada Farhan is on the Diamond list this time. We all witnessed his heroics in the Emerging Asia Cup 2023, where he was instrumental to Pakistan’s success.

Qalandars are hopeful for the season 9

15 December 2023

As the 9th edition of the Pakistan Super League is nearing each day, the Qalandars are recording their message for the fans on their social media accounts. Today, Fakhar Zaman and Kamran Ghulam recorded their message for the LQ fam.

Here is what the Qalandars had to say:

“I am very happy to become a part of 2x champions, Lahore Qalandars, for another time. Thanks to the management for believing in me. Hopefully, we will keep playing the best cricket like we have for the past few seasons and give the fans a lot of happiness. Let’s meet in PSL 9”

Fakhar Zaman

“I am very happy that Lahore Qalandars, the two times champions, have selected me again for PSL. I am thankful to the management and the fans for believing in me yet again. Let’s meein in PSL 9, Qalandar Brothers!”

Kamran Ghulam

Lahore Qalandars picks in PSL 9 Draft

14 December 2023

The PSL 9 draft went well for the defending champions. The coach also wanted to win the tournament this time, saying that it was time LQ won 4 titles in a row after ending up at the bottom of the table 4 times. He stated that they were building the team in the first four years. However, they are here to dominate PSL now. Here are their picks for the 9th edition of the tournament.

PlatinumFakhar Zaman, Rassie van der Dussen
DiamondSahibzada Farhan
SilverMohammad Imran Jnr, Ahsan Hafeez Bhatti, Dan Lawrence
EmergingJahandad Khan, Syed Faridoun Mahmood
SupplementaryShai Hope, Kamran Ghulam

In my opinion, they did a pretty good job. However, it was heartbreaking to see someone like Kamran Ghulam being left out in the supplementary category. He was an exciting prospect. However, his talents have been wasted.

Gearing up for HBL PSL 2024 Drafts

12 December 2023

While the draft day is nearing with each second, the teams are preparing the fans for the epic day on their social media accounts. They are showcasing the talents they retained on 7 December 2023 and asking fans who they should pick for the remaining slots in each category. Here is a brief overview of the number of slots in the significant player categories.

CategorySpots left

Let’s see how Lahore Qalandar uses these empty slots on 13 December in the National Cricket Academy, Lahore. Catch you guys on the draft. Meanwhile, you can turn on the notifications. We will be updating everything on our blog here. Most probably, you will be able to see a clear picture of how LQ squad will look after the drafts.

David Wiese enters the stage again

11 December 2023

David Wiese represented Lahore Qalandars last year. He is a handy, fast-bowling allrounder who saves runs in the death overs and can hit the ball out of the park when the team needs that pace. That is why the LQ must have also retained him for this season. In a recent post on X, David expressed his excitement to play for LQ again. Will he be instrumental for the Qalandars again?

Haris Rauf Becomes LQ Ambassador

10 December 2023

Haris Rauf has become Lahore Qalandar’s brand ambassador. In a video message, he expressed that playing for a team that has won the last two seasons of PSL is a great honour for him. He aims to become champion this year as well with LQ.

Shaheen’s heartfelt message

9 December 2023

Recently, Lahore Qaladanrs social media team released a heartfelt message from Shaheen to the LQ supporters and fans. He was very excited to play for Lahore again. Lahore has struggled quite a bit during the first seasons. Hence, Shaheen didn’t hesitate to say that the 2-times champion is coming again for the action. Ultimately, he requested the fans to pray for the team in PSL 9.

Ex- Qalandar signs up for PSL 9 drafts

7 December 2023

Rashid Khan, one of the best spin bowling talents in the T20 format, has joined the PSL 9 drafts. He previously represented Lahore Qalandars and Quetta Gladiators. This also means that Lahore didn’t retain him for this season. Hence, this could also be good news for all the other teams since Rashid is a valuable addition to any franchise.

However, there is a question mark on his fitness. Rashid recently dropped out of the IPL 2024 auction and the Big Bash League. He suffers from fitness issues and is trying to preserve his strength for the T20 World Cup 2024.

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The defending champs are chilling

6 December 2023

Among all the chaos regarding player retentions and trades, the defending champions are chilling. They recently uploaded a video on X where Haris Rauf and Fakhar Zaman were singing the song “Calm Down.” The Qalandar boys looked cool and calm, and maybe this is also a subliminal message to all the fans and rivals to calm down.

Lahore Qalandars have suffered a lot. And now they have won two seasons back-to-back. They definitely earned the right to “calm down” for a while now.

Beyond the Youth Conference

5 December 2023

The LQ owner, Atif Rana, recently spoke at the Youth Conference about the legacy and journey of Lahore Qalandars. The event was held at the University of Lahore. Rana spoke about how the franchise evolved since their journey started in PSL 1. The students in the conference hall asked a lot of questions. Lahore’s journey has been an unorthodox one. The team was the lowest until they won two back-to-back seasons recently. This shows that there is a lot that we can learn from Mr Rana about resilience and learning from failure.

The Bank of Punjab partners with the Qalandars

10 February 2023

The Bank of Punjab has struck a collaboration arrangement with Lahore Qalandars before the HBL PSL 9. Mr Zafar Masud (President & CEO – BOP) and Mr Atif Naeem Rana inked the contract at an event at Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore. Star players Shaheen Shah Afridi and Fakhar Zaman and other Lahore Qalandars stars and top executives from both organizations attended the occasion.

Most notably, the Lahore Qalandars and Sports Board Punjab collaborated to foster the growth of women’s cricket through the Player Development Program. Promoting local women’s cricket is an outgrowth of BOP’s corporate culture of Banking on Equality and Inclusion.

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Yes, Qalandars have won the title two times. They won two back-to-back seasons.


Who owns Lahore Qalandars?

Rana brothers own the franchise. You must have seen how the owner is always enthusiastic and loves to see the matches.

Who is Sameen Rana?

She is the COO of the franchise.

Who is the coach of Lahore Qalandars?

Aqib Javed has been Lahore Qalandars’s coach since this tournament’s inception. He also started a talent hunt for the team to find raw talent from the streets.

Has Lahore ever won PSL?

Yes, they have won the PSL. LQ won the title by defeating Karachi Kings in the finals.

Is Atif Rana the brother of Fawad Rana?

Fawad Rana can be considered the owner of the franchise. Atif Rana, his brother, is the CEO of the franchise Lahore Qalandars.

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