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Here is the PSL Prediction 2024 Today match. keep visiting to check ball by ball. The Online PSL Ticket is available now. You can enjoy Free PSL 9 Live Streaming here.

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With the start of HBL PSL each year, fans start anticipating who will win. This is their favourite thing to do. It adds flavour to the conversation, creates friendly rivalry, and motivates all the fans to watch and analyze each PSL match with excitement. It helps them enjoy the tournament!

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And this is what we will do in this article, We will discuss different aspects and tell you which team has the most likelihood of winning the Orion Trophy of HBL PSL 9.

Are you ready to get on this journey with us? I bet you are. READ THE ENTIRE THING. We worked hard on it for you.


So, how are these predictions going to work? We generally talk about the team makeup and their form from the previous years. However, things might be a little chaotic this time.

We will look at the combinations like batters vs bowlers, all-rounders, wicket-keeper, etc.

Also, we might start polls on our website as well. So keep an eye on that as well.

  2. KARACHI KINGS players 2024
  3. ISLAMABAD UNITED Psl 9 Players
  4. PESHAWAR ZALMI 2024 Players
  5. MULTAN SULTAN Squad 2024 Psl
  6. LAHORE QALANDARs Squad 2024 Psl


While we do have our say about the predictions, it isn’t fun if we aren’t interacting with you guys. After all, cricket becomes exciting when you are enjoying it with more people.

That is why, we will have engaging polls with you guys. You can vote for different things like the most impactful batsman, who should be the man of the match, and so on. The polls are only limited by our imagination.

But you can solve that issue by pitching in and telling us what should be the topic of the next poll.

CricketWorlds is the platform that gives you much information related to PSL’s Latest News & Updates. So, our team is doing well till the end of the Pakistan Super League.


Here in this section, we’ll tell you about the PSL Prediction of the match to match and vote for your favourite team, either the final PSL prediction or match prediction.

You can also vote in our WhatsApp Group. This can be a way for you to get the latest updates directly in your WhatsApp.

We will be sharing interesting news articles, polls, and other stuff related to HBL PSL 9. So give it a go.

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Between the Two teams, which team will win PSL 9? Today’s match predictions for all 34 matches.


34 Main Matches of Pakistan Super League

Yes, we will be predicting all 34 matches of HBL PSL 9. But not in this article. It is nearly impossible. Hence, you have to turn the notifications on and check our website for the latest predictions, live scores, points, and highlights of all 34 matches.

Are you ready for this hustle?


Here we will be telling you about the best three teams of PSL that have more chances to Win the PSL final Match or which team is Playing the Semifinal & Final match. So, here TOP 3 PSL Teams discussed with Winning Percentages.

These three teams predicted the PSL sixth edition based on the Following Factors, which we and our Expert Teams…

  • Each Team Performance
  • PSL Players Performance
  • Last Year’s Performance [Each Team]
  • Previous Records of All PSL Teams
  • Practice Session
  • LUCK! It also matters for winning the final PSL Match.


We discussed all teams’ Performances and Predictions, but we mostly mentioned the Top three PSL teams’ predictions here. So First, we describe all team’s predictions, then PSL Teams’ Prediction, and at the end PSL Final Prediction of who wins the PSL final match.


Lahore Qalandars are pretty strong this year. They are the first team to defend their title in PSL ever. Also, they are eyeing becoming the first-ever PSL franchise to win the title three times in a row.

Can they do it though?

Lahore Qalandars has all the capacity to do it. The only thing that will hurt them is Rashid Khan’s absence.

Rashid was a game-changer for them in the middle overs. However, he is unavailable due to a back injury.

But Lahore can balance it out with batsmen like Fakhar, Abdullah, and Rassie van der Dussen.

Overall, Lahore is pretty strong this year.



Peshawar showed some promise when they selected their team in the drafts. However, most of their players are either unavailable or are injured. This is a problem.

They had to make a lot of last-second changes. And this has hurt their prospects this year.

So, to all the Zalmi fans, it will be a huge guess to say if your team is going to make it to the knockouts or not. Babar can carry the team so much.

Overall, Zalmis can reach the number 4 spot at most.

CHECK: PSL 9 Points Table.



Multan Sultans won the PSL season 6. Since then, they have appeared in the finals of seasons 7 and 8 as well. However, they couldn’t win. This is a proof of their strength.

But is the situation the same this time?

They have traded their strong players, let go of their established players, and some of their players got injured.

Ihsanullah and Abbas were the top wicket-takers, and both of them will not be able to give it their all this time. This is a disaster for Multan Sultans.

It will be a surprise if they can make it to the semis. This is going to be a tough ride for them.



Islamabad United was once the king of PSL. They are the only team apart from Lahore Qalandars that has more than one PSL trophy.

However, they weren’t able to showcase the same talent as the greats like Misbah, Wasim, and Dean Jones left the team management.

But that doesn’t mean they weren’t doing good.

Islamabad United has managed to reach the knockouts a lot more. Can they become the same champions again?

The lineup this season says yes. They have a strong chance.

With the addition of Naseem, Imad, and Ubaid Shah, the team has become a lot stronger.

Islamabad has a strong chance of playing the final if they play #DimagSe.



The Gladiators haven’t been the same after they won the 2019 edition of HBL PSL. The team has done poorly, ended up at the bottom of the table, and wasn’t able to be the team that used to give tough times to its opponents.

However, they have made a lot of changes. They have changed their skipper. This year, Rilee Russouw will enter the party with an aggressive approach. Shane Watson will be their head coach.

There are some additions to the team as well.

The QG has added Abrar and Wasim Jr. These additions will help them a lot in their exploits.

Quetta can play the knockouts this time.



Karachi Kings are changing a lot. They have made some important changes for sure. However, the key players are not fully available.

Also, they have admitted that the Kings are under a rebuilding process. However, there is something you shouldn’t miss. And that is the presence of Haider Azhar.

Haider was the team manager of Multan Sultans. Some say his insights have helped the Sultans achieve a lot of success.

If Haider can deliver the same stuff for Karachi Kings, you can expect them to do a lot better. They also have a new skipper this time.

Can Shan Masood achieve it for the Kings?



So, let’s give you our top 3 predictions. As per the prediction percentage, the following are the top three teams.

  1. Islamabad United
  2. Lahore Qalandars
  3. Quetta Gladiators

Who among these teams will win the PSL?


Every PSL fan wants to know which team will win the PSL event, so in the above, we will discuss experts of Our Platform with the previous teams’ performance in detail.

Many cricket experts like Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram &  overseas experts players predict this PSL session will win and which team has more chance of winning. But keep in mind that PSL is not the same as the previous one because this PSL will be scheduled in PAKISTAN.


Islamabad and Lahore have the strongest chances of winning the Orion Trophy this time. However, what is your opinion?

CricketWorlds Is given just Information & Prediction, not 100% exact; we predict the beyond of each team’s previous performance and which players contributed to a team.

GOOD LUCK to all PSL teams; we are trying the best way with PSL Predictions, So one thing keeps in mind WE ARE PREDICT; not Sure that’s which team will win PSL and know PSL Champion Team with Position based like 1st, 2nd …position is given below. But it’s our Prediction; not 100% sure or has any bet.

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