IPL 17 Schedule 2024

The BBCI Announced IPL Schedule 2024. this is the 17th edition of Indian Premier League.

Date Time (IST) Match Venue
31-03-2024 7:30 PM GT v CSK Ahmedabad
1/4/2024 3:30 PM PK v KKR Mohali
1/4/2024 7:30 PM LSG v DC Lucknow
2/4/2024 3:30 PM SRH v RR Hyderabad
2/4/2024 7:30 PM RCB v MI Bengaluru
3/4/2024 7:30 PM CSK v LSG Chennai
4/4/2024 7:30 PM DC v GT Delhi
5/4/2024 7:30 PM RR v PK Guwahati
6/4/2024 7:30 PM KKR v RCB Kolkata
7/4/2024 7:30 PM LSG v SRH Lucknow
8/4/2024 3:30 PM RR v DC Guwahati
8/4/2024 7:30 PM MI v CSK Mumbai
9/4/2024 3:30 PM GT v KKR Ahmedabad
9/4/2024 7:30 PM SRH v PK Hyderabad
10/4/2024 7:30 PM RCB v LSG Bengaluru
11/4/2024 7:30 PM DC v MI Delhi
12/4/2024 7:30 PM CSK v RR Chennai
13-04-2024 7:30 PM PK v GT Mohali
14-04-2024 7:30 PM KKR v SRH Kolkata
15-04-2024 3:30 PM RCB v DC Bengaluru
15-04-2024 7:30 PM LSG v PK Lucknow
16-04-2024 3:30 PM MI v KKR Mumbai
16-04-2024 7:30 PM GT v RR Ahmedabad
17-04-2024 7:30 PM RCB v CSK Bengaluru
18-04-2024 7:30 PM SRH v MI Hyderabad
19-04-2024 7:30 PM RR v LSG Jaipur
20-04-2024 3:30 PM PK v RCB Mohali
20-04-2024 7:30 PM DC v KKR Delhi
21-04-2024 7:30 PM CSK v SRH Chennai
22-04-2024 3:30 PM LSG v GT Lucknow
22-04-2024 7:30 PM MI v PK Mumbai
23-04-2024 3:30 PM RCB v RR Bengaluru
23-04-2024 7:30 PM KKR v CSK Kolkata
24-04-2024 7:30 PM SRH v DC Hyderabad
25-04-2024 7:30 PM GT v MI Ahmedabad
26-04-2024 7:30 PM RCB v KKR Bengaluru
27-04-2024 7:30 PM RR v CSK Jaipur
28-04-2024 7:30 PM PK v LSG Mohali
29-04-2024 3:30 PM KKR v GT Kolkata
29-04-2024 7:30 PM DC v SRH Delhi
30-04-2024 3:30 PM CSK v PK Chennai
30-04-2024 7:30 PM MI v RR Mumbai
1/5/2024 7:30 PM LSG v RCB Lucknow
2/5/2024 7:30 PM GT v DC Ahmedabad
3/5/2024 7:30 PM PK v MI Mohali
4/5/2024 3:30 PM LSG v CSK Lucknow
4/5/2024 7:30 PM SRH v KKR Hyderabad
5/5/2024 7:30 PM RR v GT Jaipur
6/5/2023 3:30 PM CSK v MI Chennai
6/5/2023 7:30 PM DC v RCB Delhi
7/5/2023 3:30 PM GT v LSG Ahmedabad
7/5/2023 7:30 PM RR v SRH Jaipur
8/5/2023 7:30 PM KKR v PK Kolkata
9/5/2023 7:30 PM MI v RCB Mumbai
10/5/2023 7:30 PM CSK v DC Chennai
11/5/2023 7:30 PM KKR v RR Kolkata
12/5/2023 7:30 PM MI v GT Mumbai
13-05-2023 3:30 PM SRH v LSG Hyderabad
13-05-2023 7:30 PM DC v PK Delhi
14-05-2023 3:30 PM RR v RCB Jaipur
14-05-2023 7:30 PM CSK v KKR Chennai
15-05-2023 7:30 PM GT v SRH Ahmedabad
16-05-2023 7:30 PM LSG v MI Lucknow
17-05-2024 7:30 PM PK v DC Dharamshala
18-05-2024 7:30 PM SRH v RCB Hyderabad
19-05-2024 7:30 PM PK v RR Dharamshala
20-05-2024 3:30 PM DC v CSK Delhi
20-05-2024 7:30 PM KKR v LSG Kolkata
21-05-2024 3:30 PM MI v SRH Mumbai
21-05-2024 7:30 PM RCB v GT Bengaluru

Sources claim that the IPL 204 will begin on 31 March 2024. It will be full of exciting matches. There are a lot of new players on the team. Unfortunately, we may not be able to see some old players, but that’s okay. Change is good sometimes.


TATA IPL Schedule PDF format that’s easily downloaded, scroll down below file will be uploaded. Any time & anywhere, you can check the IPL schedule with fixtures and which team is playing today. The details are described below: the Vivo Indian Premier League schedule pdf download easily, IPL timetable, team details, and points table.

ipl 17 schedule

Many other updates & news of the IPL 16 edition are written here, such as the IPL auction, IPL 2023 dates, and updates.

We are not just focusing on the Tata IPL 16 Schedule but describing all related topics & posts or updates related to the IPL, like IPL Prediction, which means who will win IPL 16 session. See more about the dates.

Also, mention all teams of IPL Ranking Criteria, meaning which team is on the top & which is down. And the most important thing, don’t miss reading about all previous IPL session wining & which team most times won. So, also have to cover all the session IPL and playoffs schedules with venues.


10 Teams will be contributed to the Indian Primer League, teams’ names of IPL, so the total number of sides in IPL is 10, are given below with names.


Before explaining the Ipl Schedule in detail with date wise, short names of each team will be known in this below team list; also, mention the player’s list with performance.

  • Chennai Super Kings                 ( CSK )
  • Delhi Capital                               ( DC )
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore     ( RCB )
  • Mumbai Indian                              ( MI )
  • Rajasthan Royals                         ( RR )
  • Kings IX Punjab                           ( KIXP )
  • Kolkata Knights Rider                  ( KKR )
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad                   ( SRH )
  • Gujrat Titans                                 (GT )
  • Lucknow Super Giants                 (LSG)


As all of you know, that will be started on March 2023, and a total of 62 Matches will be played in this complete IPL 16 Event. So Ipl lovers are ready because IPL will be coming soon after a few days, so fans are very excited about this event & they also announced a schedule pdf with free download.


  • 1st IPL match will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians ( CSK .vs MI )
  • 1st T20 IPL match venue will be Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  • IPL 1st Match Date, Time & Day ( 31 March at 7:30 pm IST )


This section will provide you with a PDF file that you can easily download and save on your Pc, laptop, and mobile devices.


  1. Delhi Capitals
  2. Mumbai Indians
  3. Chennai Super Kings
  4. Rajasthan Royals
  5. Royal Challenger Bangalore
  6. Kings XI Punjab
  7. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  8. Kolkata Knights Rider
  9. Gujrat Titans
  10. Lucknow Super Giants


2008 CSK v RR Rajasthan Royals
2009 RCB v DC Delhi Capital
2010 MI v CSK Mumbai Indian
2011 CSK v RCB Chennai Super Kings
2012 CSK v KKR Kolkata Knights Rider
2013 CSK v MI Mumbai Indian
2014 PK v KKR Kolkata Knights Rider
2015 CSK v MI Mumbai Indian
2016 SRH v RCB Sun Riers Hyderabad
2017 MI v RCB Mumbai Indian
2018 SRH v CSK Chennai Super Kings
2019 CSK v MI Mumbai Indian
2020 MI v DC Mumbai Indians
2021 CSK v KKR Chennai Super Kings
2022 GT v RR Gujrat Titans


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The Asia Cup 2023 Schedule India is also updated.

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  1. When will IPL 2024 be started?

From 31 March 2024

2. Where will be held IPL 17 Edition be?


3. Will Ms.Dohni will play the IPL?


4. Who is the Winner of the IPL?

Its Depends upon the Performance

5. Which is the No.1 Team in IPL?

Mumbai Indians have won the 5 Events.

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