Asia Cup 2023 Commentary Panel

All the cricket fans in Asia eagerly wait for the Asia Cup each year. This year, the Asia cup will be hosted by Pakistan. While the format may change each year, the venues or even the nations playing may change. But what remains constant is the presence of commentary in the match.

While fans watching the matches live cannot hear the commentary, they enjoy the vibrant environment of the matches. But for the fans watching from their homes, commentary increases the viewing experience. This year as well, there will be a diverse commentary panel. We will be talking about the commentary panel in this article. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

While The IPL 2023 Commentary Pannel with IPL 2023 Schedule PDF is also updated.

Asia Cup 2023 Commentary Panel

The following commentators will be making the matches exciting for the viewers.

Commentator Country
Ravi Shastri India
Sanjay Manjrekar India
Russel Arnold Sri Lanka
Gautam Gambhir India
Irfan Pathan India
Scott Styris New Zealand
Wasim Akram Pakistan
Waqar Younis Pakistan
Athar Ali Khan Bangladesh
Deep Dasgupta India
Ramiz Raja Pakistan
Bazid Khan Pakistan

These commentators will make the matches interesting with deep analysis and fun banter. The Asia Cup Schedule 2023 is also updated.

Final words

Commentary is an essential part of the game. How many of you remember specific points of a cricket match just because of the commentary? Or how many of you hate a specific match just because of a commentator’s biased opinion? Yes, this is how vital the commentators are. That is why the ACC chooses the commentators carefully.

Thus, when you see this commentary panel, remember that it is to entertain you, and ACC has put a lot of effort into making such a diverse panel.

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