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Things are moving at the speed of light as the Women’s IPL launch dates approach. Capri Global won the rights for the Lucknow-based team in WIPL for 92.7 million dollars and revealed their team’s official name.

Capri Global is not new to the sports business. They also own some other franchises, and their naming theme has been to add the word “warriors” at the end. There is nothing new this time. They have named their women’s IPL team “Lucknow Warriors.”

We will discuss their ties with this team and more in this article, so stay with us.

The Uttar Pradesh Warriorz Squad Players are also updated. The WIPL 2024 Points Table is updated after every match.

Capri Global Reveals WPL Franchise Name

Capri Global revealed the name of their next sports enterprise in an announcement on Sunday. Their team’s name in Women’s IPL is “Lucknow Warriors.” With this, the firm’s fourth brand, it maintains its influence in various sports. Capri also owns the following franchises:

  1. ILT20 – Sharjah Warriors
  2. PKL – Bengal Warriors
  3. Kho Kho – Rajasthan Warriors.

Lucknow Warriors is the most recent addition to their lineup.

Capri had been vying for an IPL franchise but was defeated by CVC Capital and the RPSG consortium the year before. This time, the owners did not back down and made a Rs 757 crore proposal for the Lucknow franchise.

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Company’s statements

The company released an official press release. Capri Global’s managing director, Rajesh Sharma, was proud of this achievement and discussed his plans regarding this endeavour. He said:

“We are delighted to be a part of this historical era in cricket, particularly in being able to sponsor some of the sports’ most brilliant women. Our goal is to inspire athletes and women from all areas of life while also busting cliches.”

He further added that it was always their aim to invest in cricket. We already told you how Capri tried to buy rights for Lucknow Super Giants but lost to CVC Capital. He said in the press release:

“This partnership with WPL has been important in accomplishing our aim of supporting sports and building a stronger relationship with our stakeholders and customers. We feel cricket is the most natural means to pursue that goal in India, given its background.”


Capri Global has named their Lucknow-based franchise “Lucknow Warriors.” This team is their 4th brand in the sports industry. They own three more cricket teams, and all have a running theme with the word “warriors” at the end.

They spent 92.7 million dollars on this team, not backing out on spending money because they were still disappointed about losing the bidding war for Lucknow Super Giants in the men’s IPL. Let’s see how their team plays in the inaugural WIPL.

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