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Alamgir Tareen commits suicide

Moments of victory and joy are frequently intermingled with stories of devotion, passion, and resilience in cricket. However, the cricketing fraternity is occasionally confronted with the harsh facts of life.

This is the situation with Alamgir Tareen, the owner of Multan Sultans, a favorite team in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

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His untimely death has astonished and bereaved the cricket world. Join us as we delve into Alamgir Tareen’s life, contributions, and devastating departure, digging into his influence on the sport and the tremendous loss felt by those who knew him.

A Life Cut Short

The news of Alamgir Tareen’s suicide shocked the cricketing world on Thursday. Tareen committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a handgun at his Gulberg home, according to Lahore Police.

Authorities uncovered a handwritten suicide note citing his “illness,” but no additional information was provided. Tareen’s close pals were surprised since he had never revealed any sickness. The demise of such a famous individual has left the community befuddled and in mourning.

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Alamgir Tareen, a well-known businessman in South Punjab, created a name for himself as the owner of the Multan Sultans, a franchise in the elite Pakistan Super League.

Tareen, known for his vision and passion, aspired to build a stable platform for young athletes, giving them the resources they needed to improve their skills.

Tareen’s economic interests extended beyond cricket, as he ran one of the largest water-purifying factories in the country.

His educational history demonstrated his dedication to quality, with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s degree from Yale University.

The Impact on Multan Sultans and the Cricketing Community

Alamgir Tareen’s presence was palpable throughout the Multan Sultans franchise. He introduced a data-driven approach to cricket, emphasizing analytics and technology in decision-making.

Tareen’s contributions aided the team’s growth and success, leaving a lasting impression on the club.

As word of his untimely passing spread, people from many walks of life voiced their sorrow and paid homage to his memory.

Alamgir’s death affected everyone, from other team owners to cricket fans all over Pakistan.

Fond Memories and Condolences

CEO Lahore Qalandars, Atif Rana, mourned his death. He emphasized their great experience together in the PSL.

Tareen’s untimely death impacted a lot of people. Zainab Abbas, Sohaib Maqsood, and Rashid Latif expressed their grief on Twitter.

They expressed shock and bewilderment in the cricket community. Islamabad United owner Ali Naqvi characterized Tareen as a person full of life, emphasizing his refined nature and the vacuum he leaves behind.


The untimely passing of Alamgir Tareen has left a vacuum in the cricket community. This reminds us of the significance of mental health and the necessity for support networks.

We sincerely sympathize with his family, friends, and the cricketing community. This article recalls his enthusiasm for the game, his team Multan Sultans, and his pursuit of perfection.

The terrible death of Alamgir Tareen serves as a reminder to respect life and watch out for one another. We should develop an atmosphere that prioritizes mental well-being. Let us continue to develop a supporting community and ensure that no one suffers in silence in his memory.

May Alamgir Tareen’s spirit rest in peace, and let his memory inspire future cricket fans.

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