BCCI rejects hybrid model for Asia Cup 2023

BCCI has rejected PCB’s hybrid model for hosting the Asia Cup 2023. They were going to decide the matters regarding Asia Cup participation and the cricket world cup’s schedule on 27 May 2023. People were speculating that BCCI would accept the hybrid model, and fake news spread all over the internet. The information was so impactful that the BCCI chairman had to come out and say that these statements were fake and they would break the ice later.

In this article, we will go further into the details of this news. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

BCCI rejects the hybrid model

BCCI has rejected any claims of accepting the hybrid model. Jay Shah spoke about it during an informal meeting. He said that the final decision will be made by ACC. They are not okay with the hosting settlement PCB has proposed.

Do keep in mind that PCB gave two suggestions regarding the hosting.

  • First is that host India’s games on a neutral venue and play the rest of the games in Pakistan
  • The second option was to play the first phase in Pakistan and shift the rest of the tournament, including the playoffs to a neutral venue.

BCCI on the other hand wanted Pakistan to host the entire tournament somewhere else. Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi has categorically denied this option.

What next?

For now, BCCI is looking forward to the ACC Board of Directors for the final decision. Whether Pakistan will go ahead with the proposed hybrid model or they will have to shift the entire tournament to someplace else, all depends on the ACC.

You have to keep in mind that Sri Lanka and Bangladesh were not okay with the hybrid model at first, but PCB convinced both boards of the hybrid model.

Let’s see what ACC decides next. The ball is in their court.

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