Is Naseem Shah injured?

Earlier this week, fans were in shambles as Chamika said Naseem wasn’t playing because of a shoulder injury. Everyone was confused. “Is Naseem Shah Injured? This question haunted all the Naseem fanboys. Naseem had recently performed well in the Test series against Sri Lanka. Pakistan didn’t want to lose him ahead of Asia Cup and World Cup. But Naseem has confirmed that he is not injured.

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Naseem Shah was out owing to a shoulder injury, Karunaratne said after the key game’s coin toss. This news quickly alarmed supporters, as the loss of a significant player due to injury might influence the team’s performance and chances in the competition. The news of Naseem’s injuries generated heated disputes, with cricket fans eagerly awaiting updates on his status.

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Naseem Shah came forward to clarify the air around his absence amidst the confusion. Naseem stated that he was not suffering from any medical condition.

Instead, he deliberately chose to sit out his team’s latest Lanka Premier League encounter. This revelation surprised many people and provided a different perspective on his absence from the critical game.

“There is no injury or anything like that. I have been playing a lot of cricket recently, including the Sri Lanka Tests and back-to-back matches [in the LPL]. It is very tiring in this weather, so some rest was needed. Babar also said that it would be better to take some rest because we have important matches coming up.”

Naseem in LPL

Cricket is full of twists and turns. And Naseem’s statement has proved that. The fans are relieved, but can we take Naseem’s statement at face value? We all know how players have lied for fear of getting replaced.

We sincerely hope Naseem is doing well and will come with a bang in the Asia Cup.

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