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PSL 9: Lahore Qalandars Vs Peshawar Zalmi live Streaming

Lahore Qalandars vs Peshawar Zalmi is always an exciting encounter. And you do not want to miss it. Who cares if your TV is unavailable or you have problems with the cable network? You can watch the match live. But where can you watch it live? Go nowhere, as we will answer this question here in this blog. This article will tell you how you can see the matches live. Also, let’s see who may win the match.

The PSL 9 Live Score 2024 is updated.

you can check out the PSL 2024 draft Players List as well.

Who will win? Peshawar Zalmi or Lahore Qalandars?

In this section, we will do match predictions.

Match 12

So, this is when they will play the match. The Lahoris will host this match on their home ground this year. The Qalandars have the strongest bowling lineups, while the Zalmis have the strongest batting in the PSL.

Considering all the factors, we can say that the prediction is 50-50. And do not get deceived by the past 5 matches; the Zalmis have a better record against the Lahori boys overall.

Match 17

Lahore Qalandars is in shambles while the Zalmis are enjoying good form so far. After initial hiccups, the Zalmis have managed to win three matches back-to-back. While the Qalandars have failed to win even a single match so far.

The form tells it all. There is a strong chance the Zalmis will win this time as well.


There is another party that can win, and that is the rainy clouds in Rawalpindi. If rain ruins the play, the match will get abandoned. In that situation, Lahore can say goodbye to their chances of qualifiers, while the Zalmis will get a free point that will further boost their position.

Where to watch the Peshawar vs Lahore match live? – HBL PSL 9

There are a lot of ways you can watch the matches live. For each country, PCB has a media partner that enables them to show live streaming of PSL 9. You can read about that in this detailed article. Here, we will give you some general pathways.

The following are different ways you can watch the matches live in Pakistan.

Live match in Pakistan

For Pakistan, you can go for the following options

  • Tapmad
  • A Sports live
  • Tamasha app

Tapmad is a paid service, but you will enjoy the matches without ads. As for PTV sports and the Daraz app, these are free of cost. But that is not an ads-free experience.

LQ vs PZ live outside Paksitan

If you are outside Pakistan, you can use the following options.

  • Tapmad
  • PSL youtube channel
  • Authorized PCB media partner in your area

PSL YouTube channel is a free option. Avail it!

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