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Mohammad Hafeez enters the show – Welcome the new Gladiator

Mohammad Hafeez, the 42-year-old all-rounder, enters the show as Quetta Gladiators pick him as a replacement for injured Ahsan Ali.

Quetta Gladiators 2024 Squad players.

Quetta will face off against Multan Sultans in their first match at the Multan Cricket Stadium on 15 February 2023. Unfortunately, injuries are making it hard for the teams this year. Even the Gladiator’s opponents, Multan Sultans, lost their crucial pacer Shahnawaz Dahani due to an injury. The PCB and franchises have to look into this matter and make sure that the players work on their fitness while the franchisees manage the workload on the players.

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Welcome the new Gladiator.

Cricket is an unpredictable sport that never ceases to shock us. One such surprise was the signing of 42-year-old Mohammad Hafeez as a substitute for Ahsan Ali, who sustained a knee injury. Hafeez was initially undrafted in the PSL 2023 auction, but his recent achievements in other competitions have elevated him to the Gladiators’ top target.

Hafeez’s PSL 2022 triumph

Hafeez was a pivotal contributor to Lahore Qalandars’ PSL championship last year. He demonstrated his importance by hitting 69 runs off 46 balls in the final, then taking two wickets and giving only 23 runs in four overs as Qalandars defeated Multan Sultans at Gaddafi Stadium. His all-around presence was crucial to Qalandars’ victory and was not overlooked.

It will be interesting to see how Hafeez will do against the Multan Sultans while he is in a different kit now. But is he going to be a part of the playing?

It’s unclear if Hafeez will make the Gladiators’ starting lineup, but his presence will provide much-needed versatility. The Gladiators face the Multan Sultans in their first game of the 2023 season on Wednesday night in Multan. It is unclear if Hafeez will be able to participate in the first game, but his knowledge and ability will surely benefit the Gladiators.

Hafeez’s recent exploits

After winning the PSL, Hafeez moved on to play in Bangladesh’s Dhaka Premier Division and the Kashmir Premier League. His achievements at both levels were notable, demonstrating that he has plenty of cricket. Although Hafeez had been considering off-field choices, he has now been given another chance to show himself on the ground.

Before joining the Gladiators, Hafeez had established himself as a famous cricket expert on Pakistani television. He had been looking into other off-field opportunities and even discussed shifting into coaching long-term. His love for cricket, though, stayed strong, and he continued to improve his skills.

Gladiators’ decision to sign Hafeez

After conquering the PSL in 2019, the Quetta Gladiators have not made the playoffs in three straight years. As a result, they have reconstructed their foundation this season by adding new talent, notably Pakistan’s player of the day, Iftikhar Ahmed, who came to the PSL in top form following an outstanding BPL season. On the other hand, the Gladiators want to make sure they have lots of choices in their lineup, and Hafeez’s presence gives them precisely that.

The impact of Hafeez’s inclusion on the Gladiators

Hafeez’s addition to the Gladiators’ roster will provide a plethora of knowledge and skill. He has competed in several leagues throughout the globe and has been a member of Pakistan’s national squad for over a decade. He is recognized for his versatility, which may be vital in a competition like the PSL. His skill to bowl crucial overs and generate fast runs may help any side.


Mohammad Hafeez’s participation in the Quetta Gladiators roster for the PSL 2023 season was a surprise to all. Hafeez, on the other hand, is a vital addition to the Gladiators due to his recent form and expertise. It has to be determined how the Gladiators employ his abilities, but one thing is sure, Hafeez will be a great addition to the squad. In yesterday’s match, we saw how Karachi Kings took advantage of the experience of Shoaib Malik. Hafeez can play a similar role in the Quetta Gladiators.

Will the Gladiators come out of their misery and do a recap of their 2019 performances? Tune in to Quetta Gladiators v Multan Sultans on 15 February 2023 at the M.ultan Cricket stadium to find out.

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