MS Dhoni can still play for 2-3 seasons

MS Dhoni, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper, is making a comeback in the Indian Premier League. Despite being 42 years old, he has healed from a knee injury and might play for another two to three seasons.

Dhoni has been an exceptional captain for CSK. Even though many people believe he is too old, he continues to prove them incorrect with his leadership and talents. Dhoni had a knee injury but did not give up.

He had surgery and worked hard to improve for the next IPL in 2024. Deepak Chahar, a CSK bowler, believes Dhoni can play for a few more years. He saw Dhoni practice and says he’s as fit as a 24-year-old.

Dhoni’s impact and impression on teammates

Everyone wants Dhoni to play more, but it is his choice. Dhoni has already said that he will play in 2024, keeping supporters pleased. CSK’s CEO stated that Dhoni is making good progress in his recuperation. This is wonderful news for those who want to see Dhoni return to the pitch.

Chahar and Dhoni are like brothers. They enjoy fun together and play games, and Chahar thanks Dhoni for assisting him in his cricket career.

Chahar thanks Dhoni for his support. Dhoni offered him the opportunity to play for India in 2018, and Chahar regards him not just as a captain, but also as a mentor and older brother.

A brief look at Dhoni’s career

Dhoni is to captaincy what Tendulkar is to batting. For Indians, MS Dhoni and “captaincy” are synonymous with each other. And why shouldn’t they be? He won India the 2007 T20 World Cup, the 2011 Cricket World Cup, Asia Cups, and the Champions Trophy.

Apart from that, he is the reason CSK has been successful so far. But this is one of the traits that Dhoni has.

MS Dhoni is known as the finisher. Coming at the middle order, there were numerous times MS Dhoni finished the game with a boundary or a six. Who can forget his helicopter shot? This is the impact this man has had on the sports.

If we look at the numbers, Dhoni wasn’t a batsman you can scoff at. Because we are strictly talking about the T20 format right now, we will show you his T20 stats. Otherwise, I can go on and on about the batting brilliance Dhoni has.

Strike Rate134.49


Chahar has had a difficult period due to personal circumstances, but he is trying hard to return to IPL form and maybe participate in the T20 World Cup. People are eager to find out if Dhoni will play more seasons. Whether he plays or not, Dhoni’s contribution to cricket and the players he assists will be remembered for a long time. We’re all eager to see what happens next in Dhoni’s cricketing career.

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