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Multan Sultans 2024: 1st Female Manager of Pakistan Super League

Multan Sultans have established a unique precedent by hiring journalist Hijab Zahid as their new general manager in a revolutionary decision that resonates with the winds of change. This news is historic not only for the franchise but also for Pakistan’s cricketing scene.

Multan Sultans is the first T20 franchise in Pakistan to have a female general manager, breaking down old boundaries and ushering in a new era of diversity in sports administration.

A transition – Haider Azhar to Hijab Zahid

As Haider Azhar’s term ends, Hijab Zahid takes over as Multan Sultans’ general manager, ushering in a new era for the organization. This critical move shows a determined effort to provide opportunities for gender equality in sports administration. Furthermore, this action puts Pakistan in the limelight, boosting it to a pioneer in the global cricket arena.

Ali Tareen takes over

Multan Sultans, a team that has excelled on the field, is experiencing substantial off-field changes. With the untimely death of Alamgir Tareen, the franchise has now gone to his nephew, Ali Tareen.

This change in ownership is a significant transformation, ushering Multan Sultans into a new era of innovation and empowerment.

About Hijab Zahid

Hijab Zahid, a vibrant 28-year-old who will pilot the ship and become the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) youngest general manager, is at the core of this historic news.

Hijab, now the director of Grassroots Cricket, provides a new viewpoint, a plethora of expertise, and a master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Hertfordshire. Her rise from Islamabad United’s media manager to this crucial job displays perseverance and drive.

Hijab’s role as a GM

Hijab’s promotion to general manager places her among a select group of accomplished women who have altered the sports management narrative. While women have taken up general management responsibilities in T20 clubs, such cases are rare, particularly outside the Big Bash League.

Salliann Briggs of the Hobart Hurricanes, Jodie Hawkins and Kate Harkness of the Sydney Sixers and Adelaide Strikers are a few of these exceptional trailblazers. Hijab’s career symbolizes transitioning toward a more inclusive and varied sports management environment.

As she steps into Haider Azhar’s strong shoes, Zahid appreciates Haider Azhar’s achievements while forging her course.

She characterizes Azhar as a “one-man army,” While she may not be in the dugout for PSL games, her presence will be felt across the organization. Zahid emphasizes her originality in her work, pledging to add her different viewpoint to the team’s journey.

Hijab Redefining Cultural Norms

Hijab Zahid’s appointment reflects Pakistan’s changing culture of cricket and sports. This positive step implies a more significant transition in a cultural milieu where gender roles have historically been determined.

The path to gender equality in sports administration is fraught with difficulties. But Hijab is here to prove you all wrong.


Hijab becomes the first GM of a PSL franchise. This offers a vivid image of development and empowerment. This choice exemplifies the transformational impact of tearing down boundaries and destroying preconceived assumptions.

One thing is inevitable as the PSL environment evolves: the future of sports management is gender-inclusive, varied, and unquestionably inspirational.

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