PCB: Team management announced for Asia Cup 2023

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced team management and support staff for the Asia Cup and Pakistan’s series against Afghanistan. This is a power team of 16 people who will be supporting men in green from behind the scenes. Whether these guys will continue till the world cup or not, it all depends on the team’s performance in Asia Cup.

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In this article, we will try to talk about team management, who they are, and what their role will be in the team’s performance. Let’s see how the men in green perform with these guys having their backs.

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Pakistan’s Support staff for Asia Cup

We often do not see or acknowledge the team who supports the players off the field. Fans go and see the cricket match, praise the players, and get on with their business.

But there is a lot that is happening at the back end. It helps our favourite players perform well on the field. We do not thank these people or praise the support staff.

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It is a thankless job for the most part. But the blame comes down crashing on the coaches or the managers if anything happens. It is a hard job.

First of all, let’s take a moment and acknowledge the team management and support staff that makes everything happen.

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The following are the players that will support men in green from behind the scenes.

Rehan-ul-HaqTeam Manager
Mickey ArthurDirector – Pakistan men’s team
Grant BradburnHead coach
Andrew PuttickBatting coach
Morne MorkelBowling coach
Aftab KhanFielding coach
Abdul RehmanAssistant Coach
Dr Sohail SaleemTeam Doctor
Drikus SaaimanStrength and conditioning coach
Cliffe DeaconMedia Manager
Ahsan Iftikhar NagiMedia manager
Lt Col Usman Anwari (Retd)Security manager
Ammar AhsanDigital content producer
Maqbool Ahmad BabriPsychologist
Talha EjazAnalyst
Malang AliMasseur

Now, let’s try to know who these people are.

Team manager

Rehan-ul-Haq has been on the scene for quite some time now. The OG cricket fans might remember him from Pace is Pace Yaar, a web-based cricket show. The others might remember him since his appearance in JournoEyes on PTV Sports.

His analytical skills have led Islamabad United to win two titles and perform well each year. He is a nice addition to the team.


Who can forget Mickey’s achievements as a Pakistani coach? Under his mentorship, Pakistan become the number one Test and T20 side. Also, Pakistan managed to win the Champions Trophy when he was the head coach.

Fans are excited to see how this tournament plays out.

Head coach

Bradburn is going to be Pakistan’s coach for 2 years, after he signed the contract back in May 2023. Pakistan has won the Sri Lankan test series.

Hence, fans are hopeful that he will help them win the Asia Cup as well.

Bowling coach

Morne Morkel was one of the most entertaining fast bowlers in the past decade. We all enjoyed how he bamboozled the batsmen with his pace bowling.

And he has helped Naseem pick up that pace and charisma in the recent series with Sri Lanka. He is a good addition to Pakistan’s support staff.

Batting coach

Andrew has recently been selected as the batting coach. If you want to judge him solely based on Pakistan’s performance in the test series with Sri Lanka, it is your choice. We can see how he has helped the batters perform better in Afghanistan series.

Parting thoughts

These are the people that will help the green shirts win the Asia cup 2023. But it is a good opportunity to test some strategies and combinations in the series against Afghanistan.

Best of luck to the new team management. We sincerely hope they bring good luck for the team.

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