PSL anthem 2023 leaked?

Is the PSL 2023 anthem leaked? There have been rumours on Twitter that the PSL anthem has been leaked. The anthem is used to rally the cricket fans and get them excited for the cricket season. Each year, PCB puts its heart and soul into making these anthems. But somehow, they get leaked each year. At the same time, we cannot say they have ever lost their effectiveness with these leaks. But the anthem loses the element of surprise, which can influence fans’ perspective or spoil the fun. They can also make these anthems more famous. Quite a great marketing tactic. Isn’t it?

Let’s determine whether it is a marketing gimmick from PCB or an actual leak.

PSL anthem 2023 leaked?

Users on social media shared clips of the eagerly awaited PSL 8 Anthem practices before the song’s public announcement. Cricket fans are looking forward to the Pakistan Super League anthem, although it has received a lot of controversies. The PSL anthem was already postponed this year owing to a change in leadership at the Pakistan Cricket Board. However, internet leaks of the final anthem video’s rehearsal footage surfaced before the song’s premiere.

What was in the leak?

In the released tape, well-known singers Shae Gill, Asim Azhar, Abdullah Siddiqui, and Faris Shafi sing the song onstage live in front of a crowd. The prior PSL anthems’ concept looks to be continued in the video clip. Faris Shafi’s rap was featured in a trailer revealing that the song will merge the participants’ various creative forms.

It isn’t happening for the first time – The season 7 anthem leaked.

It is worth noting that the PSL 7 anthem was posted on social networks before its public release the year before. The long-awaited PSL 7 Anthem has been posted on social networking sites before its official launch in the final week of January 2022. The PSL 2022 Anthem video, which featured Atif Aslam and Aima Baig singing life on stage, went popular on Twitter.

The amazing PSL 7 Anthem was just being recorded in Lahore’s Qaddafi Stadium when a crowd member covertly captured the footage and published it on Facebook and Twitter, based on facts. A sizable audience can be seen in the video that went viral of the PSL 2022 Anthem witnessing Atif Aslam and Aima Baig sing the much-anticipated song on the platform.


If you look at how these videos are leaked, there is a pattern. Last year, people leaked the video the very same way. They performed live in front of a secret audience to record the video. Either this is a marketing tactic, or the audience needs to learn some ethics. Otherwise, the video would not get leaked the same way every single time.

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