HBL PSL Anthem 2024 Song – Video

PCB will release the HBL PSL 9 anthem on 14 February 2024. Come and listen! Share your views on this new anthem. Tell us how you feel about it in the comments section.

This article will describe how we feel about this year’s HBL PSL anthem. Anthems have been a significant part of the PSL cricket culture. They are played during the matches whether you like them or not at first, they grow on you. Will this year’s anthem be as good as the rest? Let’s find out.

The PSL Opening Ceremony Live Streaming will be available here. While PSL Points table will be updated after every match.

HBL PSL 2024 Anthem

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the PSL anthem, which was supposed to be published before the PSL. Every year, supporters eagerly await the PSL anthem, which sets the standard for the festivities surrounding Pakistan’s annual cricket fiesta.

The PCB will release this year’s anthem on 14 February. Fans anticipate it will be titled “Sab Sitarey Hmarae”, a hashtag PSL used this year.

Who are the singers?

Last year’s anthem was the bomb. Atif Aslam and Aima Baig sang “Age dekh,” which was a sensation among fans. The song was played in the stadiums to cheer the crowds, and it did the job nicely. From my personal experience, this song was very effective in making the crowds dance.

But who are the singers this year?

Let’s talk about that.

Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar is the son of famous producers and content creators in the entertainment industry. Asim’s entry into the music industry came with a tag of nepotism. Can he remove that tag with this song? He also sang the PSL 8 anthem along with many other artists. But he can get more attention from fans this year.

Farish Shafi

Brother of Meesha Shafi is a famous rapper and music artist. Artists like Talha Anjum and Talha Younis have also sung for PSL. Fans will make comparisons.

Abdullah Siddiqui

Abdullah is a phenomenal music artist and singer. He has many notable songs and projects to his name. Abdullah produced last year’s anthem, which was a sensation. Fans have some confidence in this year’s anthem due to his involvement.

Shae gill

Does she need any introduction? Shae Gill was already present on social media and provided her listeners with great music covers. But her song “Pasoori” took the internet by storm. I am personally excited if she is going to sing this anthem.

Why not Ali Sethi?

Ali Sethi was going to sing this year’s anthem as well. But his dad was the chairman of PCB so that he couldn’t sing the PSL 8 anthem. Najam Sethi told the press that his song was good according to what he heard from people, but he just couldn’t let Ali take this gig due to a conflict of interest issue.

People involved

The Followoing are different people who contributed to HBL PSL 8 Anthem

Music Producer Abdullah Siddiqui
Singers Shae Gill
Asim Azhar
Faris Shafi
Director Awais Gohar
Video producers Fatima Ali
Syed Kumail Abbas Rizvi
Executive producers Amna Zafar
Mustapha Zafar
Taha Tariq
Writers Shae Gill
Abdullah Siddiqui
Asim Azhar
Faris Shafi
Raamis Ali
Hassan Ali

Did Abdullah deliver this time as well? Comment below

Fan’s anticipation

Fans are eagerly waiting for the PSL anthem this year. They are incredibly excited because of Shae Gill. One user tweeted:

“So the Pasoori girl is singing HBL PSL 8 Anthem”

Another user tweeted:

“Cannot wait for the anthem”

Others were busy trolling and making memes about it. But that increases the hype of the song. No publicity is bad publicity.

HBL PSL 8 anthem trending top before its release! #PSLAnthem

The fans are waiting for the anthem eagerly. They are so excited about the anthem so much that the hashtag #PSLAnthem trends top on Pakistani Twitter. Most of the fans are tired of waiting for the anthem. The tournament will start on 13 February, and other than the leaks during recordings, we have nothing. Fans have taken their stress on Twitter and want the anthem now.

When will PCB release the anthem? Well, they released the anthem on 11 February.

PSL 9 Anthem released

PCB has released the PSL anthem. They did this on all the social media accounts of PSL. The name of this anthem is Sab Sitary Humaray. The much-anticipated anthem is 3:20 minutes long. You can listen to it by clicking.

The anthem starts with Shae gill’s singing. The anthem is fantastic. This is our initial reaction. It isn’t like, But what does the public think?

Himanshu Parek, a sports journalist, said:

Der Aaye, Durust aaye! Another fantastic PSL anthem is here! This time they got a rap, too, lol.

People from India loved it as well. One viewer from Youtube commented:

PSL anthem are always creative ❤️I’m always loving that.. Love from ??

Luffy from Youtube thinks it is better than last year. And he appreciated Shae Gill and Asim Azhar.

“Better than last year’s Already Loving it Shae Gill and Asim Azhar proved their selection for the anthem”

Some fans thought Shae Gill’s performance was the thing

“Shae Gill saved this anthem”

We will leave the interpretation of this to you.

Some fans still want Ali Zafar in the anthems. One of the peeps tweeted:

“He was JAAN of PSL. He should come back </3”

Shehryar Ijaz seems to agree. He said:

“PSL Anthem is here and I think we need Ali Zafar yet again.”


Fans are waiting for the song. This song is what we will hear a lot during PSL season. Will it stand up to the hype, or will it be a disappointment like the PSL anthem? We don’t know. Hopefully, it will be something we will all enjoy. The launch was waiting so long that it was trending top on Pakistani Twitter.

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