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PSL 9 is just around the corner. Who knew that PSL would achieve such success when it was starting back in 2016? We could only dream of watching PSL matches in Pakistan. But kudos to PCB authorities that they made it possible. Fans have had eight years of PSL fun, which has created many exciting stats and numbers. As a cricket fan, if you haven’t dabbled into this numbers game, then you aren’t the crazy cricket fan you thought you were.

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If you are a religious cricket fan, you will enjoy this article. You will read a lot of interesting numbers about PSL and the teams.

For those who hate mathematics, do not worry; it will not be boring at all. The numbers will talk and swing like the ball is reversing. But that will only happen if you are a cricket fan.

If you are, then let’s begin.

PSL Winners statistics

Let’s start with something light. In this section, you will see the winners of each season of PSL. Let’s see which PSL team won the most titles.

Season Year Winner
PSL 1 2016 Islamabad United
PSL 2 2017 Peshawar Zalmi
PSL 3 2018 Islamabad United
PSL 4 2019 Quetta Gladiators
PSL 5 2020 Karachi Kings
PSL 6 2021 Multan Sultans
PSL 7 2022 Lahore Qalandars

Well, “United, we win,” I guess. Islamabad United has been the most successful team in the PSL. But other teams have played equally well. But if we talk about impact, no other win was as impactful as Lahore Qalandars winning the PSL. They had been disappointing in the past six seasons. But they won the PSL 8 with a bang. Will there be a replay of their previous season’s performance? We have to see PSL 9 for that.

But which PSL team is the best so far? Winning the most titles or having one or two impactful matches doesn’t mean you are the best. Which team wins it overall? Hopefully, the following table will answer these questions.

Team Mat W L Winning percentage
Islamabad United 77 41 35 53.89
Karachi Kings 75 29 42 41.09
Lahore Qalandars 72 30 39 43.75
Multan Sultans 55 30 22 57.54
Peshawar Zalmi 81 43 36 54.37
Quetta Gladiators 72 36 35 50.7

Multan wins it with a huge margin! This isn’t what I am saying. It’s what numbers say.

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General PSL Stats

Now, let’s talk about some general statistics. We will talk about the batting and bowling records. But some of these random numbers are pretty interesting. Let’s have a look.

Lowest and Highest totals totals

Highest totals
Teams Scorecard Year
Islamabad United scored against Peshawar Zalmi 247/2 2021
Multan Sultans scored against Quetta Gladiators 245/3 2022
Islamabad United scored against Karachi Kings 238/3 2019

The United won this one. In previous years, they love to smash the ball out of the park. Scoring this many runs in t20s is no joke

Lowest totals
Teams Scorecard Year
Qalandars scored against Zalmis 59 2017
Gladiators scored against sultans 73 2021
Qalandars scored against Zalmis 78 2019

Well, we told you before. It wasn’t until recently that Lahore started to perform well. Things were pretty bad for them. Just look at these low scores. I guess it had to do something with the Zalmis. Seems like they have some rivalry here.


Largest Victories
Winner Against Margin Target
By runs
Sultans Gladiators 117 246
Sultans Gladiators 110 184
Sultans Qalandars 80 170
By wickets
Zalmis Qalandars 10 Wickets 101
Kings Qalandars 10 Wickets 151
United Gladiators 10 Wickets 134

Seems like the Sultans are the sultans when it comes to winning with ample margins. Credit to their bowlers that they can bowl the rival teams out so quickly. Different teams like Peshawar, Karachi, and Islamabad have won with too many wickets at hand as well. The openers take this credit for carrying the bat.

Most Extras in an Innings

Gladiators and Kings need to work on their bowling. Seriously, they are on the top regarding giving away these extras. T20 isn’t a format where you can afford these extra runs. Hopefully, their management will pick these things.

Team Score Extras Opposition
Sultans 245/3 24 v Gladiators
Zalmi 177/6 23 v United
Sultans 195/6 22 v Kings
Gladiators 189/7 21 v Kings
United 199/8 20 v Gladiators

Highest partnerships by wickets

These depend on many factors, such as bowling conditions, scorecard pressure, team morale, etc. But the batsmen take the credit for this achievement. Let’s have a look at these numbers.

Wicket Runs Partners Team Opposition
1st 176 Sharjeel Khan, Babar Azam Kings United
2nd 133 Ahmed Shehzad, KP Pietersen Gladiators United
3rd 150* C Munro, Iftikhar Ahmed United  Kings
4th 155 BR Dunk, SR Patel Qalandars Gladiators
5th 101 KP Pietersen, Sarfraz Ahmed Gladiators Qalandars
6th 123 Iftikhar Ahmed, Asif Ali United Qalandars
7th 78 LA Dawson, Faheem Ashraf United Gladiators
8th 76 Mohammad Nawaz, JP Faulkner Gladiators United
9th 62 Hasan Ali, Mohammad Wasim United  Zalmi
10th 63 GD Elliott, Zulfiqar Babar Gladiators Zalmi

But if you talk about the highest partnership by runs, then Sharjeel and Babar’s partnership takes the first position. Do you want to know what the irony is? Both of them were once part of Islamabad United. And they scored this partnership against them. Oh, the irony!

Miscellaneous records

There are some miscellaneous records as well. These may intrigue you. Or they may not. Whatever the case, there is no harm in trying to see what the numbers tell us.

The first one is the players with the most matches. Of course, experience counts as a player.

Player M Runs Wickets
Wahab Riaz 77 333 103
Kamran Akmal 75 1972 0
Sarfaraz Ahmed 72 1341 0
Shoaib Malik 72 1882 11
Mohammad Hafeez 71 1596 18

The next thing is leadership. Of course, all the sports played in teams depend on two crucial factors, who the leader is and whether he is competent. Let’s see who is PSL’s best captain and who has captained the most matches.

Player Matches W L %
Sarfaraz Ahmed 72 36 35 50.7
Imad Wasim 41 20 17 53.8
DJG Sammy 39 22 16 57.9
Shadab Khan 32 17 15 53.1
Shoaib Malik 30 10 19 34.5

PSL – Highest run scorer

Now, let’s look at some batting records. After all, T20 cricket is all about batting. Who is PSL’s leading run scorer?

Player Runs Average
Babar Azam 2413 42.33
Kamran Akmal 1972 27.38
Fakhar Zaman 1939 31.27
Shoaib Malik 1882 34.21
Mohammad Hafeez 1596 27.51
Mohammad Rizwan 1446 40.16

There is no way a batsman is even close to breaking Babar’s record. King for a reason.

Highest wicket-takers

Here are the top wicket-taking machines in PSL

Player Matches Wickets Economy rate
Wahab Riaz 77 103 7.59
Hasan Ali 64 81 7.83
Shaheen Afridi 50 70 7.63
Shadab Khan 61 64 7.26
Faheem Ashraf 49 64 7.94
Mohammad Nawaz 66 61 7.26

Wahab seems to be the king of bowlers in PSL. He is the most experienced bowler on the list, with 77 matches. He is also the first bowler ever to take 100 wickets in PSL. Will he be able to defend his spot at the top? Hasan Ali has to perform exceptionally, as there is a huge difference between him and Wahab.

PSL team-wise records

In this section, we will see some general stats of PSL teams.

Quetta Gladiators Records

Highest totals 207/3 vs. Qalandars in 2022
Lowest Totals 73/10 vs. Sultans in 2021
Largest Victories Won by a margin of 67 runs vs. Karachi in 2018
QG won by a margin of 9 wickets vs. Qalandars in 2018
Most Runs Sarfaraz Ahmad scored 1341 runs averaging 31.92
Highest Wicket-taker Mohammad Nawaz took 61 wickets at an economy rate of 7.26

Multan Sultans Records

Highest totals 245/3 vs. Gladiators in 2022
Lowest Totals 113 vs. United in 2018
Largest Victories Won by a margin of 117 runs vs. Gladiators in 2022
With 9 wickets at hand, they won against Gladiators in 2018
Most Runs Shan Masood scored 1082 runs averaging 32.78
Highest Wicket-taker Imran Tahir took 53 wickets at an economy rate of 6.94

Peshawar Zalmi Records

Highest totals 232/6 vs. Islamabad in 2021
Lowest Totals 123/10 vs. Multan in 2020
Largest Victories With a margin of 61 runs against Karachi Kings in 2019
Won with a margin of 10 Wickets against  Lahore Qalandars in 2018
Most Runs Kamran Akmal scored 1972 runs averaging 27.38
Highest Wicket-taker Wahab Riaz took 103 wickets at an economy of 7.59

Karachi Kings Records

Highest totals 201/4 vs. Peshawar in 2020
Lowest Totals 108/9 vs. Peshawar in 2021
Largest Victories With a margin of 63 runs against Multan Sultans in 2018
Won with 10 wickets remaining vs. Lahore in 2020
Most Runs Babar Azam scored 2398 runs averaging 43.60
Highest Wicket-taker Mohammad Amir took 54 wickets at an economy of 7.38

Islamabad United Records

Highest totals 247/2 vs Zalmi in 2021
Lowest Totals 82/10 vs. Kings in 2017
Largest Victories Won with a margin of 71 runs against Qalandars in 2020
Keeping 10 wickets at hand, they won against Gladiators in 2021
Most Runs Luke Ronchi scored 1020 runs at an average of 36.42
Highest Wicket-taker Shadab Khan took 65 wickets at an economy rate of 7.26

Lahore Qalandars Records

Highest totals 209/5 against Gladiators in 2020
Lowest Totals 59/10 against Peshawar in 2017
Largest Victories Won with a considerable margin of 66 runs against Islamabad United in 2022
They won win 9 wickets at hand against Multan in 2020
Most Runs Fakhar Zaman, with 1939 runs, averaging 31.27
Highest Wicket-taker Shaheen Shah Afridi took 70 wickets at an economy rate of 7.63


We hope that you liked this article. For more interesting articles and topics, you can tell us in the comments section. We will love to hear from you. We also hope this PSL season is the most exciting, and we witness many of these records being broken. After all, who does want boring T20 matches? No one!

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