Quality of cricket in PSL is second to none – Ben Cutting

Ben Cutting will be playing this year’s HBL PSL for Karachi Kings. He has expressed his views about HBL PSL 8, the overall quality of the players and tournament, and how he is excited about the tournament. Ben also talked about the absence of skipper Babar Azam from Karachi kings this year. Ben is an all-rounder for the Aussies. And he feels the quality of fast bowlers, pitches, spinners, and batsmen is pretty excellent.

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Ben Cutting Previews HBL PSL

Ben Cutting, an Aussie all-rounder who features for the Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), has emphasized the league’s unique position. According to Cutting, the PSL is unlike any other competition since it has quick bowlers, great spinners, and top-tier batsmen.

He said:

“Pakistan Super League is one of the largest and most distinct leagues in the world, and I am quite loyal to it. Babar Azam’s absence from the Karachi Kings will be felt, and I am looking forward to bowling against him now that he is heading another club.”

Let’s talk more about his statements.

The kings will miss Babar

Despite the absence of major player Babar Azam, Cutting expressed enthusiasm for the forthcoming season and the chance to bowl against some of the league’s greatest hitters. He stated that just about every bowler in the PSL bowls quickly, creating a hard and competitive environment.

The standard of HBL PSL is second to none

Cutting also commended the league’s caliber of play, stating that the PSL offers a wonderful platform for cricketers to display their abilities and perform at a high level. He underlined that participating in the PSL has enabled him to progress as a player and achieve worldwide exposure.

Twitter’s reaction

Let’s see what Twitter had to say about his statements

One fan was not happy with how Karachi Kings has been treating Babar Azam. He said:

“Everyone know the importance of Babar Azam except Karachi kings”

One fan threw some shade at a certain Karachi Kings player who said that it didn’t matter if Babar was on the team or not. He said:

“Even foreigners are accepting the truth but there is a snake who shamelessly says kisi k any jany se frk ni prta (It doesnt matter who comes and who leaves)”

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Cutting’s remarks reflect the PSL’s increasing status as one of the world’s premier T20 competitions. With some of the top talent from all over the world taking part in the league, spectators and players can look forward to an elevated cricket season.

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