Revival of Women’s cricket in Pakistan

Cricket is a sport that has enthralled millions of Pakistanis. On the other hand, the women’s team has failed to garner attention and support, resulting in a drop in the sport’s appeal among women. But, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) latest revelation to resurrect women’s cricket in the nation has provided optimism for the sport’s followers. This blog will look at the PCB’s ambition to resurrect women’s cricket in Pakistan, the problems it confronts, and the road forward.

But first, let’s see what the chairman said, then we will talk about it:

“As soon as we announced the women’s league, India and the IPL announced their own women’s league. This year we are going to launch a women’s league. There are some women’s matches in this PSL as well.”

Revival of Women’s cricket in Pakistan

Najam Sethi, the chairman of the PCB, has declared the reintroduction of women’s cricket in Pakistan. The Women’s League, according to Sethi, is part of their effort to revitalize women’s cricket in the country.

India’s recent launch of a women’s league followed Pakistan’s declaration, demonstrating the rising worldwide relevance of women’s cricket.

The PCB has indeed made the first step toward reaching this aim by staging three women’s exhibition matches as part of the build-up to the Women’s League during the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League, which is now underway.

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
Match 1 Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Match 2 Friday, March 10, 2023
Match 3 Saturday, March 11, 2023

At the press conference, Najam Sethi lauded Pakistan women’s wicketkeeper-batter Muneeba Ali for hitting a fantastic century against Ireland in the current ICC Women’s World Cup 2023 in South Africa. Muneeba Ali’s success has brought attention to women’s cricket in Pakistan and shown the sport’s potential in the country.

Challenges in Reviving Women’s Cricket in Pakistan

Revitalising women’s cricket in Pakistan is a difficult challenge, as the sport has been neglected and underfunded for many years. Some of the primary challenges women’s cricket encounters in the country include insufficient facilities, coaching resources, and monetary support.

Another big issue that must be tackled is gender inequality in sports. Women’s cricket does not get the same attention and reputation as men’s cricket, discouraging potential female players from participating. The PCB must take actual initiatives to close the gender disparity in cricket and develop women’s cricket throughout the country.

The Way Forward

The PCB’s intention to revitalize women’s cricket in the country is a positive move. They need to do more to guarantee that the sport gets the respect and support it needs. The PCB must provide women’s cricket with the same attention and funding as men’s. Suitable infrastructure, training facilities, and incentives must be developed to popularise the sport amongst young women.

Another crucial step toward promoting the sport is marketing women’s cricket in schools and universities. The PCB may work with academic institutions to offer programs that allow girls to study and play cricket. This will aid in developing a pool of skilled players capable of representing the country on the world stage.


Women’s cricket’s resurgence in Pakistan is essential to achieving gender equality in sports. The PCB’s idea of creating a Women’s League and stage exhibition games is fantastic. Let’s see how the future developments are for this issue.

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