The Afghanistan team arrived in Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023

The Afghanistan Cricket team arrived in Pakistan before the Asia Cup 2023. While the players are coming back from a lost series, their morale is high. The Asia Cup will start on 30 August 2023. And if we talk about the first match the Pakhtoon boys will play, it is against Bangladesh on 3 September 2023. They have ample time to prepare for the match. Both teams will face off against each other at the Gadhafi Stadium.

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Here is the video of the Afghan players arriving in Pakistan.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are in Group B, while Pakistan, India, and Nepal are in Group A. We should expect a lot of exciting matches from the Afghan cricket team. The players like Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi and Gurbaz will spice up the matches. And Pakistanis love spicy!

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Fans are saying a lot of things about this development. This is a a cricket festival, so you are bound to feel excitement. Here are some reactions:

People are offering lunch!

The Afghan team may be coming back from the lost series, but their ambitions and morale are high. There is no doubt that their players are going to provide an excellent show for the crowd. Let’s cheer the Afghan brothers up in the stands!

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