Tight security for HBL PSL 8

There are some strict security plans for HBL PSL 8 in Karachi. Thousands of troops will be deployed to ensure peace and stability while there are PSL matches in the National Stadium in Karachi. Of course, none of us want a recap of whatever happened back in 2009. Hence, these security measures are necessary. Also, strict traffic management plans ensure that citizens’ daily lives aren’t affected. In this article, you will read about all of this in detail. Especially if you are a Karachiite, you do not want to miss this article.

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Tight security for HBL PSL 8

DIG Security Dr. Maqsood Ahmed, chief of the Sindh Police Security Division, said in a press conference on Monday that the Security Division has devised a perfect security strategy and that over 7,500 police officers will be stationed in the metropolis.

Security personnel
Police 7500
Security Division 2600
Special Security Unit 1000
Special Security Unit 1800
Special Branch 600

All of these people will be working for our security in Karachi. This is some heavy planning from the security department, and we must all appreciate it. Also, snipers will be hidden at tactical locations to shoot down possible threats from far away. Still, feeling unsafe coming to Karachi for HBL PSL?

Plans from SSU

A Special Weapons and Tactics unit comprised of trained, experienced, and well-equipped commandos will stay alert at the SSU Headquarters and roam the stadium’s vicinity as a fast-reaction force in the event of an incident.

The SSU specialized command and control vehicle will also be positioned at the stadium to supervise law enforcement in the stadium’s vicinity. According to DIG Ahmed, CNG-fitted cars and all sorts of drones are forbidden on stadium grounds. Yeah, bad news for you if you are a vlogger and were planning to take drone shots for your Youtube video.

The roads would stay open for passengers save one lane of Sir Shah Suleman road throughout match times.

The SSU commandos will lead and help fans from the parking areas to the stadium. This will help fans a lot. Try to understand that there are a lot of fans who come to the stadium for the first time. It becomes hard to navigate. So, it is nice to have someone show you around.

Instructions to the Fans

  • Fans should come early to avoid traffic.
  • All stadium gates will open three hours before the start of the game.
  • Inside the stadium, no weapons, toy guns, fireworks, explosions, cigarettes, matchboxes, lighters, or sharp-edged objects such as knives are permitted.
  • Any banner that contains bigotry or offensive statements based on race, religion, or ethnicity is strictly prohibited.
  • Audience members cannot hurl anything on the ground or at other fans.

Traffic management plans

The Karachi traffic police proposed a traffic redirection strategy on Monday for the HBL PSL 8 games, which will be held at the National Stadium from February 14 to 26, 2023. There is a special route for fans and their vehicles to come and go.

Parking has been made available for spectators visiting from different parts of Karachi at Dalmia, near the Garib Nawaz Football Ground. For parking, they must present their original identity card and the match ticket. Shuttle service will transport them from the airport to the National Stadium.

No vehicles can enter Stadium Road from Liaquatabad No. 10, Hassan Square Bridge. Likewise, vehicles from University Road’s Expo Centre turning will be prohibited from entering the stadium, but traffic from Stadium Road to Hassan Square will be permitted.

No heavy vehicles from the Stadium Signal to Hassan Square. Please, cooperate with the security personnel. Fans must observe the regulations and not park their cars or motorbikes on any service road or significant road.

Final words

The authorities are working hard to make sure that all things run smoothly. There are solid plans for security to avoid any mishap. Also, security units will help fans on the ground to make sure they move around without any trouble. There will be snipers at tactical locations to eliminate threats. But what the people in Karachi are going to love is the traffic arrangements.

Each year, there is fuss around bad traffic situations due to tournaments. This year, the traffic police have devised a strategy to avoid this. We hope that all things run with excellent efficiency.

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