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Wasim Akram compares IPL with PSL

Wasim Akram, a former Pakistani cricket hero, recently discussed the ongoing controversy between the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Pakistan Super League (PSL). In a quick-fire interview, the 57-year-old cricket legend discussed the significance of both events, emphasizing the IPL’s global domination while acknowledging the PSL’s importance in Pakistan.

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IPL vs PSL debate – Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram began the conversation by underlining the IPL’s enormous importance in the cricketing globe. Comparing the IPL to any other franchise competition, he says, is like putting a behemoth against its brethren. He emphasized that the IPL is a massive force in international cricket with far-reaching effects.

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While admitting the IPL’s supremacy, Akram quickly recognised the Pakistan Super League’s rising importance. He appropriately defined the PSL as the “mini-IPL of Pakistan,” emphasizing its significant effect on the country’s cricketing environment. The league may not have the worldwide reach of the IPL, but it is extremely valuable in Pakistan.

Rapid fire round

Akram dug into many comparisons as part of a spirited rapid-fire session, revealing surprising views into his tastes. From texting to phoning to preferring mountains over beaches, the cricket star lent a sense of fun to the chat.

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Who will you coach?

A very intriguing situation occurred when Akram was forced to choose between coaching Pakistan and coaching Australia. While many anticipated him to choose his motherland, Akram stunned everyone by choosing Australia. What was he thinking? The attraction of reduced stress enabled him to concentrate on the task.

Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam – Wasim Akram gives his opinion

Another intriguing parallel occurred when Akram was asked to select between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam. While recognizing Azam’s abilities as one of the current greats, Akram did not hesitate to elevate Kohli to his pinnacle. According to Akram, Kohli’s effect on the game has engraved his name in gold letters in cricket history.


Wasim Akram’s observations on the IPL-PSL dispute offer a unique viewpoint from a cricket icon who has closely followed both events. The worldwide domination of the IPL and the relevance of the PSL in Pakistan represent the diverse environment of franchise cricket. As the discussion among cricket fans continues, Akram’s perspective lends a dimension of wisdom and fun to the proceedings. Whether it’s the massive IPL or the budding PSL, both leagues add to the rich fabric of cricket, each with its distinct flavour.

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