Who will become the next chairman PCB?

Change may be on the way for Pakistan cricket, as former captain Rashid Latif surfaces as a potential candidate for the job of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman. Zaka Ashraf, the previous Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, departed recently, presenting a chance for new leadership. This signals the conclusion of his tenure in command. In his final comments, Zaka Ashraf thanked the PCB Patron, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, for placing his faith in him. He wished for further progress in Pakistan cricket.

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Rashid’s take on Zaka Ashraf

Rashid Khan commented today that Zaka Ashraf is just the tip of the iceberg. He said that chairmen come and go, however, it is the advisory board that has been ruining things without any sort of accountability. Rashid’s statements indicate that the chairmen so far have faced the music, and have answered the public for whatever has gone around during their time in the office. However, the “BOARD” never comes out, or answers for the wrongdoings in the system.

If Rashid Latif becomes the chairman, you can expect some big changes.

Prospects for the chairmanship

Chief Election Commissioner Shah Khawar may take over the PCB temporarily till the 2019 general elections. This transitory period foreshadows probable changes in leadership and tactics. Mustafa Ramday and Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera, together with Rashid Latif, provide a variety of possible scenarios for Pakistan cricket’s future.

The battle for the chairmanship promises to be an exciting selection process. Najam Sethi, a well-known figure in Pakistani cricket administration, will add his own set of expertise to the game. His prospective return to leadership provides a feeling of continuity among impending upheavals.

Rashid Latif’s career in management

Rashid Latif has a plethora of experience in management at different levels. He has coached the Afghanistan cricket team, and his experience helped the players a lot. Latif also runs his cricket academy. Recently he worked with Karachi King’s advisory board as well as served as their director.

It is logical to have a cricket player with management experience to run the operations.


With Zaka Ashraf’s departure, the topic of who will head Pakistan cricket comes to the forefront. The contenders for the chairmanship, including Rashid Latif, paved the way for an exciting chapter in PCB’s journey. As the events develop, cricket fans eagerly anticipate the influence of new leadership on the country’s cricketing path.

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