Zaka Ashraf unhappy with PSL 9 Draft

The HBL PSL 9 happened on 13 December 2023, and the fans enjoyed the live stream on the official YouTube channel. However, some untasteful events have angered the PCB chairman, Zaka Ashraf. Let us delve into the complexities of the unfortunate incident during the draft, putting Chairman Zaka Ashraf and Director Sohaib Sheikh at odds.

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Zaka Ashraf’s Frustration

On December 13th, the stage was prepared for the Player Draft 2024 at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. However, what should have been a smooth and exciting event became a source of anxiety. The Chairman of the Management Committee, Zaka Ashraf, could not hide his displeasure with the poor accommodations.

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Ashraf’s rage was primarily focused on Director Sohaib Sheikh, who he blamed for the event’s perceived shortcomings in the organization. The Chairman, clearly irritated, highlighted concerns about the absence of suitable structures despite significant financial expenditure.

A Tense Encounter

A nervous feeling filled the room as the meeting continued. The primary source of complaint was the lack of adequate meal arrangements for the attendees, a critical factor that was frequently disregarded. This perceived neglect fueled the already raging flames of dissatisfaction.

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The conversation between Ashraf and Sheikh became heated, with the Chairman pointing the less-than-ideal conditions. The disagreement over the arrangements tainted what should have been a joyous day for the PSL.

Sohaib Sheikh’s Unhappy Departure

Feeling the weight of the Chairman’s displeasure, Sohaib Sheikh decided to leave the meeting. This abrupt departure represented a climax to the story, making the environment a bit more awkward for everyone else.

Sheikh’s decision to exit the conference was bold and showed the seriousness of the conflict and the issue at hand.


Sohaib Sheikh took a praiseworthy move the next day, realizing the importance of his job and the necessity for resolution. Despite the unfortunate sequence of events, he apologized profusely for his actions. This action proved Sheikh’s dedication to dealing with the matter while being professional.

The apology was a stepping stone toward possible reconciliation and a return to normalcy within the management committee. Sheikh’s choice to return to work after expressing sorrow demonstrated maturity and accountability, essential in sustaining a peaceful working atmosphere.

A Call for Improvement

The unfortunate incident at the PSL Player Draft 2024 is a sharp reminder of the significance of precise planning and flawless execution, particularly in high-profile events. The conflict amongst important management committee members highlights the possible hazards that might occur when expectations are not met.

This occurrence necessitates introspection and a commitment to improving future incidents. The stakeholders must address their issues jointly, undertake corrective actions, and build an atmosphere that values good communication and teamwork.

Concluding remarks

Recognizing the disappointing event at the PSL Player Draft 2024 as a chance for constructive development is critical. The management committee may transform this unfortunate chapter into a catalyst for improved efficiency and collaboration by learning from the weaknesses, adopting changes, and promoting an open communication culture.

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