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Afridi on Imad and Amir’s international comeback

Afridi feels that the forthcoming HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) would give the ideal platform for the two stars to return and that the championship’s result will reveal much about the players. He also examines current speculations that Amir is reconsidering his decision to step down from international cricket and Imad’s recent success in T20 leagues worldwide. Afridi also emphasizes looking beyond the captain while analyzing a team’s bad performance. Don’t miss Afridi’s views and comments on these two notable players’ comebacks.

Afridi Gives Thoughts on Imad and Amir’s International Comeback

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi has spoken out on the prospective comeback of two of Pakistan’s most renowned cricketers, Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim, to the national team. The anticipation regarding their return has been rampant, and Afridi recently mentioned the prospect of the two players returning in an appearance with a local news program.

The PSL: The Perfect Platform for a Comeback

According to Afridi, the 2018 HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) might be the best choice for both sportsmen to return. He said that it relies on their thinking and whether or not they have any competition aspirations. He also stated that the PSL results may reveal a lot about the players and that they’d like to excel if given a chance. The PSL is an excellent opportunity for Amir and Imad to demonstrate their abilities and establish a case for a comeback to the national team.

Amir’s Reversal of Decision Following PCB Leadership Change

Due to the recent leadership shift at the Pakistan Cricket Board, there has been talking that Amir may reconsider his decision to step down from international cricket (PCB). The left-arm pacer’s current results in T20 leagues worldwide have also fueled speculation about a possible comeback to the national squad.

Imad Wasim’s Participating in T20 Leagues Worldwide

Imad Wasim has been playing in T20 tournaments worldwide, and speculations of his comeback to the national squad have circulated. Many fans and commentators have praised the all-recent rounder’s performances in T20 competitions, making him a serious candidate for a comeback to the national team.

Afridi on Karachi Kings’ Poor Performance

Regarding the Karachi Kings’ dismal performance in the PSL, Afridi noted that there might be several causes for the team’s troubles. He went on to say that criticizing the skipper alone would not be fair and that other elements like teamwork, coaching, and strategy might all play a part in a team’s success or failure.


Finally, Afridi feels that the PSL gives the perfect place for both Amir and Imad to earn their national team appearances. He said that it rests on their attitude and competition objectives and that the PSL results may reveal a good deal about the players. Afridi also emphasized the significance of not just accusing the leadership of a team’s lousy performance, implying that other variables might be at play. Pakistani cricket supporters will follow the PSL with bated breath to see if Amir and Imad can return to the national team.

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