Asia Cup 2023: Hybrid model in trouble as Zaka Ashraf expresses his concerns

The planned Asia Cup in 2023 has sparked both controversy and enthusiasm. Adopting a hybrid concept for the event has sparked excitement and skepticism in the cricketing community. The strong objection expressed by Zaka Ashraf, the prospective chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has piqued the interest of cricket fans worldwide.

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This blog delves into Ashraf’s fears, his determination to make the greatest decision for Pakistan, and the possible influence his resistance might have on the renowned Asia Cup.

As the destiny of this cricketing spectacular hangs in the balance, prepare to discover an interesting confrontation between tradition and innovation.

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The Hybrid Model’s Injustice to Pakistan

Ashraf is adamantly opposed to the hybrid approach, claiming it is unfair to Pakistan. As the selected host, he feels that staging the full tournament in Pakistan is the best option.

“It is not acceptable to conduct major matches outside Pakistan,” Ashraf stated, expressing his displeasure.

The entire celebration should occur at home since we are the hosts. His approach displays his commitment to developing cricket within Pakistan.

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Commitment to Reviewing Information

When he took over as chairman of the PCB, Ashraf stated his intention to analyze every detail available on the Asia Cup properly.

He admitted that he could not access the prior management’s tournament decisions. However, he promised to make the right choice for the country immediately.

Ashraf’s willingness to weigh all factors before deciding reflects his devotion to the sport and the country.

Ashraf’s Determination for the Best Decision

Zaka Ashraf’s objection to the hybrid approach indicates his commitment to Pakistani cricket. His objective is to guarantee that the tournament is played on home soil for the country’s cricket fans.

While the hybrid model has been accepted, Ashraf’s dedication to making the greatest decision for Pakistan means he will look into all options. This judgment will be critical in ensuring the Asia Cup’s continuation.


The Asia Cup 2023 looks to be an exciting cricket competition, but it will not be without its difficulties.

The strong objection of Zaka Ashraf to the hybrid model has sparked a debate. It asks questions about the tournament format, hosting rights, and other important stuff.

Ashraf’s dedication to examining relevant facts and making the best choice for Pakistan ensures that the country’s cricketing ambitions are considered.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the tournament. So, all eyes are on the PCB and its possible chairman to see how the Asia Cup’s future develops.

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