Asia Cup 2023: Maqbool Babri joins as sports psychologist

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has added a new squad member who neither bats nor bowls a ball but will play an important role in the forthcoming Asia Cup. They have hired Dr. Maqbool Babri to assist with the men’s cricket team for the ODI series against Afghanistan in Sri Lanka. He will also aid the team in Asia Cup, which will pave the way for the great World Cup event.

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Recognizing the significance of mental health and optimum performance in sports, the PCB has made an important step forward by hiring Dr. Maqbool Babri as a sports psychologist.

Dr. Babri has a track record of supporting players in navigating high-pressure situations, overcoming obstacles, and dealing with personal difficulties that may interfere with their performance.

He will advise and support players to perform at their best.

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Dr. Maqbool Babri is no stranger to the cricketing world. He’s a sports psychologist with experience in stress management, performance under pressure, and disappointment.

His presence will provide a secure platform for the athletes to discuss problems. This will improve their mental health. Consequently, this will also improve their performance on the field.

Dr. Babri is included in the team management to promote open dialogue. Keeping sentiments and concerns bottled up might negatively influence a player’s performance. Dr. Babri, the psychologist, supports athletes in processing their emotions and thoughts.

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The Pakistan cricket team is preparing for an impacting voyage in the forthcoming series, thanks to Dr. Maqbool Babri’s expertise. Players must improve physically and mentally to tackle the ODI series and Asia Cup with renewed energy. Hiring a sports psychologist shows PCB’s commitment to supporting players for success on the field.

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