Asia Cup 2023: Shahid Afridi unhappy as BCB makes excuses

In the recent turn of events, Asia Cup 2023 hosting issue has become chaos for our regional cricket community. And it may become an international issue since Pakistan may pull out of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. This has made Shahid Afridi, aka Lala, quite furious. In media talks, Shahid Afridi has slammed Bangladesh Cricket players for making excuses regarding games in UAE.

This article will discuss what Lala says to Bangladeshi cricket players regarding their excuses. Plus, we will dive into the recent updates regarding the issue.

Okay, enough with beating around the bush. Let’s jump right into it.

Shahid Afridi Grills Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for making excuses.

If you haven’t been living under a rock these days, you know that Pakistan and India are up against each other even before the matches have started. BCCI doesn’t want to come and play on Pakistani soil. At the same time, Pakistan is hell-bent on hosting the Asia Cup or at least some matches on their home turf.

This caused a deadlock, but is the situation changing now? We can say that it is. BCCI is taking the W against Pakistan as they have convinced other boards to reject PCB’s hybrid model.

But people have to give some excuses, don’t they? BCB has informed Pakistan Cricket Board that they are uncomfortable playing in a neutral venue like UAE. The scorching heat during the summer will make it hard for the players to play cricket.


Shahid Afridi is furious at these flimsy excuses. He stated that, as professional athletes, you should not care about these things. As a professional cricket player, you must play regardless of the conditions.

Shahid Afridi stated:

You don’t play depending on the weather when you are professional cricketers. We played matches in Sharjah at 10 am. We used to feel dizzy when going towards the boundary line. It used to be so hot. These things happen, but it also tests your fitness level

What if Pakistan pulls out of the Asia Cup?

Okay, so what if Pakistan will pull out of the tournament? What happens after that? The answer is simple. It will create some problems for the broadcasters. Whatever the situation in Pakistan may be, you cannot deny that they are a powerhouse when it comes to cricket.

Pakistan matches are pretty entertaining since the team is unpredictable. The games are bound to catch colossal audiences. Watching the Pakistan cricket team is not entertainment; it is an experience. It is not for the faint of heart.

Broadcasters like that. And if Pakistan withdraws, they will negotiate the revenue with ACC again.

Hence, ACC will want to ensure Pakistan plays if they want to get their money’s total worth.


Afridi’s statements might look outrageous to some of you. But they are pretty accurate. As professional players, if you say that you do not want to play because of the weather conditions, it is nothing short of a flimsy excuse. BCB has decided to reject the hybrid model under BCCI’s influence. One thing is sure: one should be blunt and honest rather than make flimsy excuses. This isn’t what I am saying. This is what the fans are saying.

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