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Najam Sethi makes some explosive remarks – Latest press conference

The PCB chairman Najam Sethi made bold claims in a recent press conference. While most of these claims stand true, we will leave you the judge. From the success of PSL to digs taken at the BCCI, Mr. Sethi is not holding it back. Let’s try to hear what he had to say in some of his press appearances recently. If you are an avid cricket fan, you do not want to miss out on this HOT drama.

So let’s get right into it.

PSL is better than IPL

First on the list is his claim that PSL has become better than IPL. Let’s take it with a grain of salt. The man did praise IPL as better than PSL. However, he also has some solid numbers to back his claim. As per the digital ratings, PSL has surpassed IPL. He said in a press conference:

“Let us now discuss digital. PSL was only halfway over, so I inquired about our digital grade. The Najam Sethi program used to get a 0.5 rating on television, but PSL has a rating of more than 11. So it will be 18 or 20 when finished. More than 150 million individuals viewed it online. That is not a trivial matter. Around the same time, IPL had a digital rating of 130 million, while PSL had more than 150 million. As a result, Pakistan has achieved enormous success.” 

Sethi also discussed how the PSL had benefited Pakistan’s economic standing. PSL has assisted in maintaining the state’s financial wheel by generating employment opportunities and helping the tourist, hotel, airline, and road transport industries thrive. We paid Rs700 million in federal levies, Rs500 million for sales taxes, and another Rs500 million in local taxes.

IPL is yet to start. Can IPL reclaim its throne as the best league by getting a higher rating?

What’s up with the Asia Cup 2023?

On the topic of holding the Asian Cup, PCB Chairman Najam Sethi stated on Saturday that backing other countries of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) would be vital. Still, he admitted that India, which desires the event to be hosted abroad, has much power in the regional body. ACC president and BCCI secretary Jay Shah already stated that India would not go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup earlier this year and that the competition would be transferred out of Pakistan.

Will the PCB give in to all the pressure? Or will they fight back?

The chairman said that his legal team isam advising him on this matter, and he iconsideringut taking the legal route here. At the same time, he has also said that he is not going to reveal further details.


Will IPL take away the throne for being the best T20 league in the world, or will the PSL remain with the best digital ratings so far? IPL will be available in 4K live streaming, which means that PSL may lose ratings.

As far as the Asia cup is concerned, we will tell you about the recent details as soon as they occur. So stay tuned with us. For now, we can predict that PCB will take legal route.

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