Asia Cup 2023: Will Pakistan beat India?

Asia Cup 2023 is going to commence on 30 August 2023. However, the question that has been bugging everyone’s mind is, “Who will win the INDIA vs PAKISTAN game?” India and Pakistan may face off against each other at least three times in this tournament. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an IND vs PAK game is always the tournament’s highlight. Hence, everyone tries to anticipate who will win. We are going to talk about how Sourav Ganguly has predicted this match.

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Pakistan vs. India is always a showstopper. No tournament can be complete without seeing these two Asian giants colliding against each other. This time is pretty unique. Previously, we observed that both teams were quite unbalanced. Both teams were lacking in some departments. This time, they both are armed from tooth to nail.

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From one side, we have Babar Azam. On the other side, we have Virat Kohli. If we have pacers like Shaheen on this side, they have spinners like Ashwin. The battle is on.

Among all this anticipation and predictions, the great Sourav Ganguly or Dada has predicted as well. We can say that he was pretty diplomatic in his claims. Let’s see what he had to say.

It is tough for me to choose a favourite. They are both good teams. Pakistan is a good team, and India is an outstanding team. There are no favourites; whoever plays well will win the game.”

Sourav Ganguly while speaking to media.

India and Pakistan are in the same group. They will clash their first on 2 September. After that, they have a game on 10 September in the super-four stage. If they manage to win these games, it is a high chance that they will face off in the finale on 17 September. All fingers are crossed.

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