Asia Cup without Pakistan?

Will Asia Cup go on without Pakistan this year? This is not good news, from hosting Asia Cup on the home turf after a long time to the possibility of the tournament going on without Pakistan. This article will tell you the latest update regarding the hosting issue and how things are worsening for Pakistan. They are indeed in hot waters.

If you have been following us, you know India is not eager to play in Pakistan or let Pakistan host Asia Cup 2023. Hence, BCCI has been in a tussle with PCB regarding hosting rights of the Asia Cup and Pakistan’s participation in the world cup.

Is Asia Cup 2023 without Pakistan?

India has categorically denied Pakistan’s hybrid model for hosting the Asia Cup. And they also do not want the tournament on neutral ground. India is suggesting Sri Lanka as a single venue for the game this year.

Reports say that ACC will inform Pakistan regarding this news. Pakistan has to play the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka or withdraw from the tournament.

At first, other countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka accepted the hybrid model, but BCCI lobbying seems more robust this time.

Possible solutions

The hybrid model suggested that Pakistan will play four matches on their home turf, while the rest, including India, will be played in UAE. These matches included the playoffs as well. It solved all the problems BCCI had initially. But for some reason, they are hell-bent on Pakistan not hosting the tournament, even on a neutral venue.

It will affect Pakistan in all the wrong ways possible; let’s discuss that.

How will this affect Pakistan?

Pakistan was in a brawl with BCCI regarding the hosting issue, and Najam Sethi had threatened to pull out of the World Cup if they weren’t hosting it this time. On the other hand, ACC will inform Pakistan that if they do not want to play in Sri Lanka, they can withdraw from the tournament this year.

This means that from hosting the tournament to being forced to let go of the hosting right for this year, Pakistan has lost this tussle with BCCI.

This means that Pakistan’s participation in the ICC cricket world cup will also be in question. But if they withdraw from the world cup, this will affect them badly.

Things are not looking suitable for Pakistan Cricket at all.

Final words

Pakistan is at a difficult crossroads. Either they must let go of playing in the Asia Cup or surrender for now and look forward to performing in the tournaments. Pakistan is facing a difficult situation as a whole. The country is in chaos. This is also translated into their helplessness in the cricket world. We hope that Pakistan jumps back up and performs well in both tournaments. But that will depend on whether PCB agrees to play these tournaments.

The fans are also showing their dismay at the current situation in Pakistan. The public view is also divided on whether they should play the Asia Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup or not.

Challenging times are ahead for Pakistan, indeed.

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