BIG NEWS: Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan as BCCI accepts hybrid model

The big news is finally here, BCCI has accepted PCB’s stance on the hybrid model. Now the Asia Cup 2023 will be played in Pakistan. Four matches will be played in Pakistan, while the rest of the tournament will be in a neutral venue. Seems like the SOS call to ICC finally paid off.

In this article, we will tell you how this deadlock was broken, how we came to accept the hybrid model, and how we are moving forward.

For sure, cricket has won! Not PCB, not BCCI, but the cricket. It is the cricket that has won this battle.

To read more about this BIG NEWS, continue reading.

PCB’s stand paid off

So, PCB’s stand on the hybrid model finally paid off. BCCI was hell-bent on not letting Pakistan host the tournament at all. PCB proposed a hybrid model, which suggested that 4 matches would be in Pakistan, and the rest of the games will be in a neutral venue.

BCCI was not accepting this hybrid model at all. They suggested that this hybrid model was not suitable, even for Pakistan. BCCI also wooed other members of the ACC to reject the hybrid model, and it almost worked as well.

Sri Lanka had “allegedly” accepted to host the Asia Cup, and this had caused Pakistan to reconsider its plans to visit Sri Lanka.

The final situation was that BCCI had successfully persuaded the other ACC members to play this Asia Cup in Sri Lanka. Pakistan had no option but to withdraw from Asia Cup and the CWC or play Asia Cup at a neutral venue. This could also have jeopardized their position as hosts of the ICC Champion’s Trophy 2025.

But PCB sort of managed to survive this battle of nerves.

ICC’s role

ICC had a positive role in this whole fiasco. Pakistan had a rigid stance on hosting Asia Cup, jeopardizing its participation in the world cup. BCCI was also hell-bent on not letting Pakistan host even a single Asia Cup match. This meant Pakistan would not visit India for the ICC Cricket world cup 2023.

This is eventually a sticky situation for the broadcasters as Pakistan vs India matches yield a high revenue.

Hence, Najam Sethi used this as a bargaining chip and sent an SOS call to ICC.


What will be the “neutral venue”?

Now, what can be the neutral venue for the tournament? Pakistan proposed that UAE should be used as a neutral venue. You can say UAE is the second home for Pakistan cricket.


Pakistan used UAE pitches after the unfortunate 2009 incident as their home turf. Other ACC members are unwilling to play UAE due to extreme weather conditions.

Hence, reports are that Sri Lanka is being proposed as a neutral venue for the rest of the tournament. Most probably, ACC will announce Sri Lanka as the neutral venue. Let’s wait for the official announcement.


Finally, we see the off-the-field tussle between India and Pakistan conclude. CRICKET HAS WON! It was sad to see India involved in politics in the game. But finally, we will see India and Pakistan face off against each other in the Asia Cup. Also, it will be fun to see Pakistan playing in the cricket world cup.

If you want to know who will win, you better not miss the games.

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