Azam Khan fined

It has come to shock the Pakistani internet that PCB has fined Azam Khan for displaying the Palestine flag in support of Gaza. He has breached the ICC regulations by going against the clothing and equipment rule. Per this rule, players cannot display unapproved political, racial, or religious signs or logos on the clothing or equipment.

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Azam Khan has been fined 50% of his match fee for going against this. However, it is important to consider that Pakistan’s stance on this matter shouldn’t warrant such a fine on Azam Khan. However, the problem is that PCB is a signatory of ICC’s regulations. The match referee summoned Azam Khan after the match to fine him.

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Azam Khan told the match referee that all his bats had the same stickers. Earlier this month, Mohammad Rizwan was supposedly told by the PCB to delete his tweets in support of Gaza. The fans weren’t amused at this behaviour. However, PCB had pressure from the ICC since they are a full-time ICC member.

The PCT fans aren’t happy about this decision. They are rooting for Azam Khan even more. Azam scored 35 runs in this National T20 Cup match. He also displayed the same logo on his bad in the last two matches. However, he wasn’t warned earlier. And this is a little bit odd.

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