Bangladesh vs Afghanistan prediction – Asia Cup Match 4

Bangladesh and Afghanistan will face off against each other on 3 September 2023, and the excitement is on the top. But the real question is, who will win the match? Both teams are struggling with their ODI sides, and their morale isn’t very high. This is their chance to win the game and regain their lost confidence before the World Cup.

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In this article, we will try to predict the winner of today’s match. Many factors will affect this match. Players, pitch, context, everything matters. We will try to factor in everything.

Venue and the pitch

Unlike the recent India vs Pakistan debacle in Pallekelle, Lahore has no forecast for rain. Hence, rain cannot ruin the play. Take notes, Jay Shah! Lahore has clear skies today, and the pitch is heaven for the batters. The previous matches have been high-scoring, with the ODI matches crossing the 300 mark.

Later, we will discuss how it can affect the match.

The situation of the tournament so far

The situation so far is pretty dire for Bangladesh. They are coming in with a lost match. This means they must win this one to strengthen their position in the super-4 stage. Otherwise, Afghanistan can kick them out by winning this match.

Sri Lanka is in a comfortable spot, but you never know. The Afghanistan team can easily beat them and make this group quite interesting.

Pakistan has easily qualified for the next stage by winning all its group-stage matches. India will allow as well since the Nepal coaches have admitted that they are here for the exposure, and beating any of these Asian Giants will be an arduous task.

How will the pitch affect the play?

Afghanistan’s batting is struggling. But the openers can win it for them if they get fired up.

The teams have equally good spinners and pacers, which means it all comes down to who can make that difference. Just who can use these conditions wisely or win that toss? Or, who can be the match-winner to take their team out of a dangerous situation and propel them to victory?

This pitch has a record of winning the toss first and batting second. Chasing becomes easy as the bowlers struggle due to dew.

So, which players can make that difference?

Key players?

Ibrahim Zadran is the man to look out for. If you cannot contain him, he will be a nightmare for the Bangladeshi bowlers. His average in the ODI has been almost 60, making him the highest run-getting in 2022 for the team. Ibrahim knows how to play as per the situation. But trust me, you do not want to see him shifting his gear if you are a bowler.

Shanto was good in the previous match for Bangladesh. It was unfortunate since his team lost. Otherwise, he has the potential to get those runs in the difficult situation. But the most dangerous player fo the game in this match is Shakib. His experience and expertise with the bat and the ball make him the most impactful player. Rashid has to get his wicket.

Past ODI clashes

In the last five matches, Afghanistan has won 3 times against Bangladesh. This makes them the favourites for the game. However, you also have to consider the team morale.

Bangladesh has had its lows, but it has been winning some matches here and there. Afghanistan has lost the previous 4 ODIs that it has played. They also got whitewashed in their recent series with Pakistan.


With all the factors, we cannot be sure who will win this match. Bangladesh can play like the cornered tigers, but Afghanistan will be looking forward to getting a good start in this match. This is going to be their first match in this tournament so far.

The pressure on Bangladesh will be high. Their players are not in the top position. Let’s say there is a 60% chance that Afghanistan will win this math.

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