BCCI will not shift IPL outside of India

There were speculations that BCCI might shift IPL outside India because of the General Elections. However, they have clarified that they will not shift the Indian Premier League outside the country because of the event. This means all the matches will go as planned, and the IPL 2024 will start on 22 March 2024. Let’s get into the details of this story.

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India and Pakistan are going to hold their general elections this year. The schedule for these elections collides with the schedule for PSL and IPL. There were talks about shifting PSL outside Pakistan altogether or utilizing a hybrid model. However, PCB was successful in keeping the tournament in the home country.

Similarly, BCCI ensured that the IPL would go smoothly even during the elections. Why is the case a bit more special for India? Well, India is one of the largest democracies in the world. It has a population exceeding 1.3 billion. Imagine most of these people out in the streets for elections. It becomes hard for the police to safeguard the elections and a high-profile tournament like the IPL.

We saw how difficult things can get after BCCI shifted the dates for the Pakistan vs India game in the CWC 2023. But, there is nothing to be worried about. BCCI and the security agencies will ensure that both things can go on in parallel without problems.

The tournament will start on 22 March. Are you ready to see whether CSK can defend its title this season? Turn on the notifications because we will update everything.

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