PSL makes 2 billion more than last year

The HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) has achieved a new record with a significant increase in live-streaming and broadcast rights for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. The bidding procedure, which resulted in a record 113% and 45% rise, drove the league’s financial power to new heights.

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In a historic turn of events, the live-streaming and broadcasting rights for HBL PSL 2024 and 2025 were dramatically increased. ARY Communications (Pvt) Limited (ARY) emerged as the top bidder, accounting for a 45% increase over the previous two years. This huge cash surge signals a turning point for the league. It roughly means that PSL made 2 billion more than last year.

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Transparently in the process

A transparent, public, and merit-based procurement procedure allocated TV broadcast media rights for the Pakistan area in 2024-2025. Notable rivals were as follows:

  • Independent Media Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (IMC)
  • ARY Communications (Pvt) Limited (ARY)
  • Pakistan Television Corporation Limited (PTVC)
  • Tower Sports (Ten Sports).

This technique provides fairness and openness when establishing rights.

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Winners of the bidding process

ARY Communications (Pvt) Limited (ARY) cemented its status as the dominating power in Pakistan by making the highest offer for HBL PSL 2024 and 2025 broadcasting rights. The league’s worth increased by 45%, demonstrating the cricketing extravaganza’s unparalleled popularity and financial appeal.

Walee Technologies won the live-streaming rights for HBL PSL 2024 and 2025 by an impressive 113%. This significant increase in value reflects the league’s growing digital footprint and increased influence in the digital sphere.

PCB’s seal of approval

The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Bid Committee has approved the highest bids presented by ARY and Walee Technologies. This decision, which is still pending final approval, is crucial to securing HBL PSL’s financial backbone. Zaka Ashraf, the PCB Management Committee chairman, congratulated ARY, Walee Technologies, the PCB, the management committee, and the franchisees. This historic event highlights the obvious expansion of the HBL PSL brand, paving the way for the highly anticipated HBL PSL 9.

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A word from ARY and Walee

Salman Iqbal, Founder and CEO of ARY Digital, expressed his joy that the company has once again secured the highest financial offer for HBL PSL. He reaffirmed his commitment to prioritizing Pakistan and expanding the PSL brand over the next two seasons in partnership with the PCB.

Ahsan Tahir, CEO and co-founder of Walee Technologies expressed his pride in winning the auction for live-streaming media rights to the ninth and tenth seasons of the HBL PSL. The emphasis is on enhancing the digital experience, with considerable expenditures to improve the league’s digital footprint and engage varied client demographics.


With record-breaking bids, extraordinary financial gains, and a dedication to providing a unique cricketing experience, the HBL PSL is poised for a bright future. The league’s popularity continues to grow, paving the way for an exciting HBL PSL 9 and beyond.

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