Top Cricketer In The World 2023 [Players Ranking]

Here is the List of Top cricket players of Cricket 2023. This is updated according to 2023 data. after a analyzing lot of data, our team made this list. This player ranking is based on performance, either one will be Batsman or a bowler. Do you wanna know who is the best batsman in the world right now? 

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Briefly explaining here the top five best cricket players in the world in detail. Below mentioned players’ performance with status and living style one by one, read this article till the end.

  1. Chris Gayle’s Performance And Status

Do you know Who is Chris gayle? & Chris gayle’s best score in ODI is Chris gayle’s wife. Christopher Henry Gail is known as Chris Gail. He was born on September 21, 1979, in Kingston. He is also known for being the player of the national cricket team, as well as his team captain.Chris Gayle

He has been captain of the West Indies during the 2007 to 2010 Test matches. He has set high records in all three cricket formats. He is a perfect and expert player. Gayle can be praised for the international cricket team he has made triple-sanitary and double centuries in test matches and made one century in the Twenty20 series.

After the 2019 Cricket World Cup, he announced his retirement, which was just a retirement from ODIs.


Prestigious as one of the most brutal hitters of the cricket ball ever – he once swung a Brett Lee conveyance past the Lord Tennyson school outside Oval! – Gayle excused footwork to a celebrated cricketing repetition of his time, and alongside other contemporary opening batsmen in Tillakaratne Dilshan, Virender Sehwag, and Brendon McCullum later.

Designed a batting period portrayed by a stunning reliance on available eye coordination and very quick run-scoring across positions. No big surprise, he turned into the leading batsman to hit the original wad of a Test coordinate for a six. Also, it is quite reasonable that he beat Sehwag to turn into the quickest twofold centurion in ODIs, printing 215 off 147 out of a World Cup game against Zimbabwe in Canberra, 2015.

Chris Gayle IPL Career

Being the primary cricketer with hundreds in every one of the three configurations, Gayle deservedly represents the weight battle between different cricket organizes that stood increased with the dispatch of IPL in 2008. So in 2009.

Chris Gayle showed up in England in the wake of playing seven IPL games to chief West Indies in a Test coordinate at Lords, a game that his side lost intensely during searing analysis from media and fans the same.


Chris Gayle belonged to a low-level family whose father was a policeman, and his mother sold dried fruits and peanuts, etc. He was born in a village in 1979. He received his early education from his community and later studied at the devid university of engineering and technology.

His work earned two crores, and the maximum he has made so far is 7.5 crores. He played in the IPL season from 2008 to 2019 and now counts in the Pakistan Super League. He got the chance to play in the World Cup in his life, which was played in 2007.

He made more than 200 million dollars in IPL.  Her passion is to dance to every dance, listen to driving songs and watch movies, and more. He liked Indian actress Deepika prediction. She is a favorite actress. It was known that Chris Gayle was a man who used to earn a raise for his family and himself in childhood.

But by his hard work and passion for cricket, he set an example in the world. Do what the world remembers him, and he made so much money that if he sat down all his life and he ate it, this money would still not be lost.

2. Shahid Afridi Performance and Status

Who is Shahid Afridi? Shahid Afridi family, Shahid Afridi Wife, Shahid Afridi’s daughter’s death, so many fans every time searching about the boom boom shahid Afridi news. Shahid Afridi Instagram.shahid afridi

Shahid Afridi, also known as Boom Boom Lala, is part of the Pakistani National Cricket Team. He is the captain of the Pakistani cricket team. He has been a successful all-rounder within cricket who has shown his skills in bowling as well as bating.

He was born on 1 March 1980 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. He also considers himself a
good bowler as a good bowler who took 350 wickets in ODIs and 48 wickets in a Test match. He also plays in the Multan sultan team inside the Pakistan Super League [PSL] and maintains his place in an excellent performance.

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Over the next few years, Afridi’s batting style became such that his son had become a crowd-pleasing man, which, when he saw his batting, used to get together and make a crowd. People were watching him playing cricket with passion and wanna know shahid Afridi’s records.

As you know, He plays cricket throughout the match and can hit every ball. His captain urged him to change his style, but he did not change his style. After some success in the long format of Him, he began to realize that he lacked the temperament and played only 26 games in 2006 and retired.
Many people were saying that He was appointed captain in the T20 only because he had informed PCB about his retirement after the 2016 World T20, but that is not the case. No matter what kind of explanation doesn’t come up.

When Pakistani captain Hafeez resigned from the Twenty20 captaincy, the selectors again went to Afridi’s leadership, and he led the Pakistani team even when Misbah-ul-Haq took a break in the third ODI against Australia. Shahid Afridi is a man who scored more than
4,000 runs and took more than 300 wickets.


Shahid Afridi received his higher education from Islamia College. It is one of the most loved to travel and listen to music and gym workout. If his network is seen, it is $ 41 million. They have many different types of luxury and expensive cars inside, such as the Prado Ferrari and Audi.

He lives in an expensive and substantial luxury home located in Pakistan. His wife’s name is Nadia Afridi. They have three daughters and one son. He is an excellent and experienced player of the Pakistan National Cricket Team, and he also has his position in the Pakistani team. His nickname is boom boom.

He is a successful all-rounder who specializes in the batting as well as bowling. His batting style is osm. People he is confident because of his betting style, and when he plays, he gets a lot of what he gets.

He made many records in the world of cricket, and the world remembers him because of his batting style, and he took many wickets and won the player of the match award. He plays in the Pakistan Super League by Multan Sultan. He finally retired from the national cricket team on May 31, 2018.

3. Virat Kohli’s Performance and Status

Who is Virat Kohli? What’s Virat Kohli’s education & what are many fans waiting for when is the birthday of Virat Kohli’s?  Virat Kohli was born in India on November 5, 1998. He is the captain of the Indian national cricket team.virat kholi

They are counted among the best batsmen in the world who are right-handed top-order batsmen. He has been the national captain of the Indian National Team since 2013 and also plays in the Indian Premier League by Royal Challengers from Bangalore.

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Virat’s concerts continue to grow year after year, with their batting stats and records according to their excellent batting ability. He has made many performances and records in Test and ODI cricket. They continue to carry on with their daily cricketing achievements, along with failing to fulfill their performances.

These are their cracking records known as Legend. He has been a center of consistency for limited-overs cricket for some years now. The purpose of playing their limited-overs match is not because their test records may be low, but because they are the fifth-highest scorer in the Test
matches for the last two years.

He plays very well in the limited-overs match, and the players are known to play in the same way, when he started playing in the Test match, his performances have been very different lately.

His excellent performance proves that he fits in and gives an outstanding performance.  For the past eight years, He has grown from a young batsman to a leader who can be helpful for the success and success of the campaign team.

This is an essential batsman as captain in the group and comes in briefly in different formats and plays and makes various records in the world. Do You know, Virat Kohli’s highest score in ODI, see that their performance in ODI cricket matches appears to be very high due to their staying up last and playing in cricket.


Virat Kohli receives his schooling from the Torch Indians Public School, an Indian school. Workout inside their hobbies involves traveling and spending more time with your family. According to research, his monthly salary is 7.1 million $.

Recently it has been seen that the car that he has available is Audi Q7. And it is also found that the vehicle is worth 90 million. If you look at their education, it is intercourse. If you look at their house, they live in a huge house and luxury house located in Mumbai.

It is estimated that he had bought the house worth Rs.33 crores. If we tell you about his wife, he is the very famous actress Anushka Sharma who has shown her essence in the film world. And you have been in a relationship with Anushka Sharma since 2013,

Recently they been married together. If we look at his father, he is a lawyer, and if we look at his mother, he is a housewife. His family found out that when he was a 3-year-old, he had caught the bat and told his father after catching him that I threw a ball.

Research has proved that a cricket academy was established in Delhi in 1998, and when he was nine years old, he became part of the academy.

4. Babar Azam’s Performance and Status

Babar Azam was born on October 15, 1994, in Lahore. He is a young man who is part of the Pakistani national cricket team. He is the captain of the Pakistan National Cricket Team in T20 matches, and vice-captain in ODIs.babar azam

He is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world with limited overs. This is a batsman who already ranks 1st fifth in ICC Player Rankings in all three formats. He is a member of the Pakistan Cricket Team, who is currently in the first position in T20 and third in ODIs and is ranked fifth in the rankings of ICC batsmen.


The beginning of Babar Azam’s career seems to be going through various problems and difficulties that led to such an excellent performance. When did he become the second-fastest player to score his fifth ODI against the West Indies in his 25th innings in early 2017.

He scored a total of 1306, and after 25 runs, he played the highest length and kept playing for the longest. He has made significant strides in international cricket and is regarded as one of the most respected cricket experts in the world.

He was inducted into the Pakistani squad for the west indies Series, where he had a fantastic opportunity to enlighten and debrief his land. He then traveled to Sri Lanka in July, where he retained his place and only played one-day matches in a five-match series.

Babar Azam, we are often regarded as talented opening batsmen. He was the highest run-scorer with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh U-19. This time he was the captain, and Pakistan was declared the final winner by India, but Babar made a run for his team. He is undoubtedly an opening batsman, and Pakistan has made a lot of progress under his captaincy. His number one player is on the list of outstanding batsmen and cricketers.


Babar Azam’s Nickname is bobby. His hobbies are watching movies, playing video games, playing cricket, and watching movies. They are estimated to be $ 2 million in revenue and network. They live in a very luxurious house located in Lahore.

They are the players who have scored a thousand to two thousand in a one-day match, and they are counted among the most skilled players and the number five in the one- day game. There is a player who has set a record that is the highest run score yet not broken.

He was also awarded a $ 1,000 prize for scoring 1,000 in a T20 match. In the end, he is a very good record-maker and the player who keeps Pakistan on the path of development and spends his life following his principles and is considered one of the best players in the world.

5. M.S Dhoni Performance and Status

Who is M.S Dhoni? ms dhoni’s best pics of cricket history. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also known as MS Dhoni, is his nickname. He is a player on the Indian National Cricket Team and, being a player, he is also known as the captain of his dohni

He was born on July 7, 1981, in Bihar, India. He played in limited-overs format matches from 2007 to 2016 and played Test cricket matches from 2008 to 2014. He is the only captain in history to win the ICC Trophy Cricket. Under his leadership, India won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 and the Asia Cup of 2016 was also led by him.


Short and surprising and intelligent on his shoulders, as well as retiring from the captaincy of Rahul Dravid. 2007 Under his leadership, the Indian team won a title that led to the T20 Revolution in India. When India returned home after winning the trophy, He felt calm and He was highly praised.

After winning the Twenty20 match, we had to take the initiative to lead him to Windy, and after the retirement of Anil Kumble in late 2008, the Test leadership insisted on him and he was also appointed captain of the Test matches.

He goes into the 2019 World Cup in the wake of surrendering the captaincy to Virat Kohli in late 2016 yet keeps on shaping the foundation of the batting line-up, also, framing the subjective center of the group’s cerebrums.

The World Cup, seen to be His last, didn’t generally work out as expected despite the fact that he persevered through good competition. In the elimination rounds, he alongside Ravindra Jadeja was the main man who indicated battle however the finisher couldn’t polish off the pursuit. Last he is an outstanding player in all formats of cricket.


MS Dhoni is his nickname and his real name is Mahindra Singh Dhoni. He kept on cricket from an early age, and in childhood, he started playing cricket in macon stadium and he started his cricketing career there. His education is in commerce. He is TTE in Kharagpur station from 2001 to 2003.

His childhood house is located in rachni. He shifted in a house in 2009 its price is 1 million. His house has an indoor stadium and an indoor swimming pool. His hobbies are playing cricket watching movies and gym workouts. He is a Co-owner of the FC football club. And he is also a co-owner of the hockey team.

His own team is called the Mahi racing team. He launched his fashion brand in 2016. He always set up a cricket academy in Dubai. He has an apple watch whose price is 32k.Sapna
bhavania is a hairstyle designer of dhoni. he purchases a car Porsche 911 whose price
is 2.5 crore. And purchase humor H2 price is 75 lakhs.

His fathers are one employee and his mother is a housewife. His wife’s name is sushi dhoni. He won award trophies from 2007 to 2008. He is an ICC ODIs Cricket player from 2007 to 2008.

Hopefully, this article “Best Cricketer In The World” will be very interesting and informative for cricket fans. I will be writing the top 5 best cricket players with their performance and status. Of those players, few are batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders.

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