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Geo Super PSL 2024 Live Matches – Good news for the fans

Good news for the fans, Geo Super will also broadcast the PSL matches this year. Previously, fans in Pakistan only had PTV sports to watch PSL. But now, they have Geo Super as well. No need to worry if you cannot find PTV sports on the TV or if the channel quality on PTV sports is not good.

Just switch to Geo Super and enjoy high-quality PSL matches only on Pakistan’s first sports channel. And guess what? It is all to promote the game and nothing else. Geo will not get any profit from broadcasting PSL matches.

Geo Super PSL 9 Live Streaming

Now, Geo Super has permission to broadcast the PSL matches. But it wouldn’t get any profit from it. Also, Geo will have no rights to run their advertisements during the matches.

PTV sports will run their ads on Geo Super during these games. Geo Super will only show the games to its fans.

But what is the reason for doing this?

Before, PTV Sports permitted A Sports to broadcast HBL PSL matches. But, A Sports gave the rights to some other channel. PTV sports permitted another channel because they weren’t making enough money, and the channel was facing losses.

They did it to compensate for those losses. But this move by A Sports didn’t help PTV Sports’s situation. Hence, PTV Sports wrote an application to the PCB to change the channel.

Current decision

The current situation is that Geo Super has permission to broadcast the matches, but they will not get any money from it. Not only will this move compensate for the losses PTV sports was facing, but also it will increase the viewership of this game.

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PTV will run its ads on Geo Super along with the games. It will compensate for the money problems they are facing.

Final words

This is a good move. It will increase the game’s viewership and solve the money problems PTV Sports faces. At the same time, PCB should think twice before handing over the broadcasting rights to any channel.

They should see if that channel can run all the operations while being profitable and maintaining the broadcast quality. We should agree that the first few seasons of PSL weren’t that great in broadcast quality.

Anyway, fans can now enjoy this tournament on another channel. So take your remote and set straight to PTV sports and Geo Super to enjoy HBL PSL 2024.

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