IPL Predictions 2024

It has been seasons, and it has never been easy to make IPL predictions. Predicting something in the T20 format in itself is a difficult task. This format makes the games unpredictable.

You cannot simply expect which team will do good and which will get beaten badly. Hence, no one can say for sure whether a team will win the season or not.

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But we can make certain predictions based on the teams and records. And this is what we will try to do in this article. We will try to predict who can win the IPL 17 through different criteria. One criterion will be the team’s track record, while the other criterion will be the money they spent this time on the players. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Previous track record

One way to predict who can win IPL is the previous track record and stats. Of course, the unpredictability of the game stands, but stats are a good way to predict whether this team has it to win the tournament. Over these 15 years, we have had enough statistical data to determine which teams have won many more titles than the other teams. After a minor analysis, we came to the following conclusion. Based on stats alone, the teams below have a greater chance of winning the IPL 2024.

Mumbai Indians

The team with the most wins in the IPL is Mumbai Indians players 2024. They have proved themselves over the years. MI has won a total of 5 IPL seasons. Their performances have been phenomenal in all of these seasons. They have had legends like Sachin Tendulkar as their mentor. Other than that, strong players like Rohit Sharma have been part of this team. Will they win this time as well? We can never know. But according to statistics, they do have the highest probability. Winning 5 out of 15 seasons is no joke.

Chennai Super Kings

Captained by the cool and calm MS Dhoni, who else but CSK is to have a chance to win this season? I think we do not need to talk about Dhoni’s captaincy. It is self-explanatory. He has been one of the greatest captains India has seen. Dhoni was able to win the 2011 CWC. But that doesn’t end here. He also has other records under him as well. But strictly speaking, in terms of IPL, he doesn’t fall short in this area. Under him, CSK has won 4 IPL finals, second only to MI. If we have to predict who will be in IPL 2023, then CSK is one of the top contenders.

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Teams this year – Based on their auction purse.

Things don’t remain the same each time. In T20, the team that performs at that very moment wins. So, it is wrong to predict past stats alone. But what makes the team win a match, defying all stats and records? It is the presence of match winners. The players who add an X-Factor to the team. The teams who have that X factor perform better. Gujrat Titans showed that last year.

But getting such match winners and dark horses in IPL is costly, so those teams with the most budget tend to get the most impactful players in the auction. Let’s see which teams had the most budget in this year’s auction.

Team Budget (INR Crores}
Sunrisers Hyderabad 42.25
Punjab Kings 32.2
Lucknow Super Giants 23.35
Mumbai Indians 20.55
Chennai Super Kings 20.45
Delhi Capitals 19.45
Gujrat Titans 19.25
Rajasthan Royals 13.2
Royal Challengers Bangalore 8.75
Kolkata Knight Riders 7.05

Based on this, we can say that the following teams have the strongest chance.

Sunrisers Hyderabad 2024

Sunrisers Hyderabad Squad 2024 went in with such a huge sum of money. And they didn’t hesitate to spend it either. Among the top 15 expensive players in this year’s auction, they have 4 picks. Their most expensive players are Harry Brook and Mayank Agarwal. From this point of view, SH can win due to its strong team.

Punjab Kings 2024

Punjab Kings players 2024 were second only to SH regarding having a huge budget. But they bought the most expensive player this year, Sam Curran. Punjab’s team has been the fieriest and most energetic all these years. Will they be able to win this time? Well, let’s see

Lucknow Super Giants

LSG ended up third on the points table last year. So they already have pretty great momentum. But that is not the only thing they have this year. They spent a huge amount to gather some great talents this year. Based on this, they have a shot at the IPL 2024.

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It is impossible to say which team will win a cricket match. And it is even harder to say which team can win a T20 match. The short format makes it easier for smaller teams to win as well. Over the years, we have seen some upsets from apparently weaker teams.

So, all the teams have an equal chance at victory if they have what it takes to win a T20 tournament. And that thing is passion!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which team will win the 2024 IPL?

If we go by probability, then MI has the highest chance. Other than that, there is no way to know. Let’s see whether GT will be able to defend its title or not.

When will the 2024 IPL start?

It will start on 1 April 2024

Who won the IPL bidding in 2024?

Punjab Kings won the most expensive player, Sam Curran. So we can say that they won the bidding war.

Will Gujarat Titans play the 2024 IPL?

Yes, they will play. They are the defending champions.

Will IPL 2024 have 12 teams?

No, IPL 2024 will have 10 teams.

Which team has the most points in IPL history?

Mumbai Indians have won the most titles, which is 5

Who bought Ben Stokes IN IPL 2024?

CSK bought Ben stokes for a pretty hefty price. They got him for about 16.25 INR Crores.

Will Sam Curran play in IPL?

The English Allrounder went for 18.5 crores to the Punjab Kings. He is the talk of the town in IPL.

Who went unsold in the IPL auction 2024?

Surprisingly, Chris Jordan and David Malan went unsold this year.

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