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PSL 9: Mike Hesson joins as Head Coach for Islamabad United

In a recent development, Islamabad United have signed Mike Hesson as their head coach. The team owner Ali Naqvi has stated that he is excited to bring Hesson on the page since his analytical mind makes him a perfect fit for the “Dimagh Se” approach Islamabad United have adopted since PSL’s inception.

Islamabad United, the two-time champion of PSL, hasn’t been able to advance to the finals since 2018. They were thought to be an average side since the beginning, but the mindset that the late Dean Jones instilled in the players enabled them to win the title two times.

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Since Dean Jones has left Islamabad United, they have tried with different coaches. However, none of them have taken the franchise to the same level. Each year, they barely make it to the mid-tier of the points table. This is not the sort of performance they were used to.

Hence, the franchise has signed Mike Hesson as their head coach for PSL 9. Mike Heson has a rich history in coaching. He has been a head coach for New Zealand for 6 years, and propelled the team to the finals of 2015 cricket world cup.

It was also the first time they played a world cup final. Mike has also been the director of the IPL franchise, RCB.

With this move, franchise owners believe that they can make some progress in this year’s PSL

“Hesson’s coaching philosophy aligns closely with the values and ambitions of Islamabad United, and we are confident that his expertise will take our team to new heights.”

Ali Naqvi’s offical statement.

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