Major League Cricket wants Pakistani boys in action

Major League Cricket, a T20 cricket league from the USA, will start on 13 July 2023, and they want Pakistani star cricketers to participate. The cricket league will start in July and continue till 30 July 2023. They have attracted a lot of cricket players from all around the world. Matches will be played in Dallas, and the environment is set for cricket to get going on the American continent. But can a League be complete without Pakistani players? OH NO! The MLC authorities have asked permission to involvement in it. Players.

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Major League Cricket wants Pakistani boys in action

MLC will start with its first edition in July 2023, and they are recruiting players worldwide. And when you are starting a T20 league, you have to get players from Pakistan. This league is set to be a way to promote the game in the USA.

Cricket fans from Dallas can expect to watch Pakistani players on the ground as MLC authorities have asked for PCB’s approval regarding the participation of players in the Major League Cricket. But PCB has proposed certain compensations for it.

What are those?

PCB’s demands?

Do not worry! PCB has approved its players’ participation in MLC, but they have asked for certain compensations. PCB has asked the MLC management to compensate PCB about 25000 dollars per player.

These are challenging times. The economy is complex. The board has to look for ways to sustain itself, and the involvement of Pakistani players will be a positive financial indicator for MLC. Hence, PCB deserves some compensation.

Other star cricketers are agreeing to join MLC.

Other star cricketers have also expressed their willingness to participate in the league. For example, Jason Roy has given up his contract with the ECB to play in the first edition of MLC. ECB has also agreed to this decision and accepted this.

Most of the time, franchise cricket is better for the player financially. Hence, ECB always lets the players choose the best.

Final words

Eventually, this is going to be better for the game. We all want this game to be famous all around the world. And the monopoly of some countries in the game has to end. For that, countries like the USA, China, and KSA must step up and invest in the game. We will see the best games this way.

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