T 10 League 2023 Schedule

Are you looking for T 10 cricket league with complete details such as how many teams are participating in T 10 league? T 10 league schedule with complete timetable, then this post will be very helpful and informative, so read this article till the end.

The two-session has been passed of t 10 league, now Abu Dhabi T 10 league introduced 3rd session. As this t 10 league is just a short-term and short-duration cricket league. In this league, just 10 overs cricket matches are played by both teams, and 3 matches will be played in one day.

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T 10 League Schedule

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T 10 League

The T 10 schedule will start from 15 Nov to 24 Nov with full details of time, date, and day. All matches are played in the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi and the t 10 league for 2023 is placed in the given below…

Friday, November 15,

Match-1     Maratha Arabians v Northern Warriors       4.30 pm

Match-2   Deccan Gladiators v Delhi Bulls                      6.45 pm

Match-3  Team 8 v Qalandars                                              9 pm

Saturday, November 16

Match-1  Bangla Tigers v Karnataka Tuskers                   3:30 pm

Match-2  team 8 v Marathon Arabians                                5:45 pm

Match-3  Northern Warriors v Qalandars                             8 pm

Sunday, November 17

Match-1  Karnataka Tuskers v Delhi Bulls                        3.30 pm

Match-2  Deccan Gladiators v Bangla Tigers                       5:45 pm

Match-3  Northern Warriors v Team 8                                  8:00 pm

Monday, November 18

Match-1    Delhi Bulls v Bangla Tigers                                   8:30 pm

Match-2  Qalandars v Maratha Arabians                              5:45 pm

Match-3  Deccan Gladiators                                                    8:00 pm

Tuesday, November 19

Match-1     A1 v B2                                                                     3:30 pm

Match-2    A3 v B4                                                                     5:45 pm

Match-3    A2 v B3                                                                       8 pm

Wednesday, November 20

Match-1    A4 v B1                                                                          3:30 pm

Match-2   A2 v B4                                                                          5:45 pm

Match-3  A1 v B3                                                                           8:00 pm

Thursday, November 21

Match-1   A3 v B1                                                                          3:30 pm

Match-2  A4 v B2                                                                         5:45 pm

Match-3  A1 v B4                                                                            8 pm

Friday, November 22

Match-1        A3 v B2                                                                   3:30 pm

Match-2       A2 v B1                                                                    5:45 pm

Match-3       A1 v B3                                                                   8:00 pm

Saturday, November 22

Match-       Qualifier 1 – 1st v 2nd                                          3:30 pm

Match-2    Eliminator – 3rd v 4th                                         5:45 pm

Match-3    Qualifier 2                                                               8:00 pm

Sunday, November 23

Match-1      Third-place play-off                                             5:45 pm

Match-2            Final                                                                  8:00 pm

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