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Gather around, my fellow cricket fans gather around. Finally, something interesting is happening in cricket after a long time. You thought ideas like T20 or even T10 alone were crazy? Well, you are in for a treat here. You can also check the Live score here.

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In this article, we will tell you about the Mega Stars league. It is a T10 cricket league that will feature all the retired cricket players from Pakistan and all around the world. And this is not the only fun part about it. Shahid Afridi, the president of this league, said this would be a chance to support our retired legends financially, stating that while PSL is for the young blood, MSL will cater to the veterans.

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You are hooked. Well, hop on, as we will provide all the necessary information below.

Here we cover

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  • Points table

MSL Schedule

The tournament will be held at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium from December 18 to December 25. The games will take place from 4 p.m. until midnight, and 3 games will be played each day.

Following is the schedule of the tournament:

Time  Match
6 p.m Karachi Knights vs Lahore Maharajas
1 p.m Islamabad Royals vs Pindi Boys
3 p.m Karachi Knights vs Baloch Warriors
5 p.m Lahore Maharajas vs Peshawar Pathans
1 p.m Lahore Maharajas vs Baloch Warriors
3 p.m Pindi Boys vs Peshawar Pathans
5 p.m Islamabad Royals vs Karachi Knights
1 p.m Karachi Knights vs Pindi Boys
3 p.m Lahore Maharajas vs Islamabad Royals
5 p.m Peshawar Pathans vs Baloch Warriors
1 p.m Peshawar Pathans vs Karachi Knights
3 p.m Baloch warriors vs Islamabad Royals
5 p.m Lahore Maharajas vs Pindi Boys
2 p.m Baloch Warriors vs Pindi Boys
4 p.m Islamabad Royals vs Peshawar Pathans
24 December 2022 – Semi-Finals
3 p.m 1st team vs 4th team
5 p.m 2nd team vs 3rd team
25 December 2022 – Finale
5:30 p.m TBA vs TBA

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Live Streaming

Here you can enjoy Live Streaming of this t10 League. While You can also enjoy PSL 8 Live Streaming 2023.

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Points table

Points table
Teams Matches Wins Loss Points
Pindi Boys 4 3 1 6
Baloch Warriors 4 3 1 6
Karachi knights 5 3 2 6
Peshawar Pathans 4 2 2 4
Lahore Maharajas 5 1 4 2
Islamabad Royals 4 1 3 2

Things do not look good for Lahore right now. The same goes for Islamabad. The semi-final will probably be played between Pindi, Baloch, Karachi, and Peshawar. But Islamabad may bounce back if they have some luck.

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What is MSL?

What is MSL? Well, the folks at the management term are “cricketainment.” As the name implies, it is a combination of cricket and entertainment. But how? Isn’t the T10 format with our veterans and legends entertaining enough? Well, it is, but MSL will have celebrities playing too. Yeah, you heard that right. MSL is a combination of both, as it will feature many entertainers. Anything related to the entertainment business serves as pure entertainment to the public.

Mega Stars League differs from other tournaments in numerous ways. This will be the first occasion in which the public will see celebs playing alongside pro players, and not only that but the professional athletes who will participate in the league will be retired players. The league’s purpose will be to assist sportsmen struggling to pay the bills financially.

So everybody wins!

Who are the people behind MSL?

Now, who are the brilliant minds that came up with this idea? You have to be pretty smart to create something exciting and entertaining. This is surely innovative and revolutionary. The following people can be considered founders of this league.

  • Shahid Afridi: Boom Boom Afridi is a man who doesn’t need any introduction. We can say that it was Afridi who was one of the pioneers of the shorter game format. You may call him the Issac Newton of T20 format. And who else but him to be the president of this league
  • Mustafa Zahid: Fans from South East Asia will remember how Mustafa Zahid touched the cords of our hearts with his songs. He is among the league’s cornerstones, working tirelessly to bring multiple sectors together and establish the league as a foundation for greater future events.
  • Media Sniffers: With extensive branding and event managerial expertise, this is among the country’s leading firms, having completed various large-scale public initiatives. They also organized the very first Celebrity Premier League, which occurred the year before. They also have experience managing concerts. Having managed both cricket and music events in the past, I cannot think of anyone else who can handle a fusion of both industries.  The group is accountable for all the sales revenue, artistic, and event implementation.

MSL format

In this day and age where time is of the essence, people want to have avenues where they can quench their thirst for entertainment but also can save time. And hence, the T10 format is the best for this tournament. We all love and cherish the T20 leagues, but the T10 league format is the future. The crisp nature of this format is just the thing we need here. For the pro players who have retired, and the celebs who do not have the stamina to play a longer game, this is just perfect. Isn’t it?

MSL League Teams

A total of 6 teams will participate in this tournament. And each team will get to play 5 games at the very least. Then the qualified teams will get to the knockout stages and play other matches. Each team will consist of 14 players, having 4 professional cricketers, 6 celebrities, and 4 emerging players. Among the pro players, there will be one foreign player, one retired veteran from our country, and two more Pakistan players.

Following are the teams that will participate.

  1. Karachi Knights
  2. Peshawar Pathans
  3. Baloch Warriors
  4. Islamabad Royals
  5. Pindi Boys
  6. Lahore Maharajas

Is MSL launched?

Shahid Afridi launched the event at an event in Serena Hotel, Islamabad. Addressing the gathering, Shahid Afridi demonstrated his heartfelt fortitude to assist former cricket legends, entertainment industry celebrities, and news reporters who were struggling and proclaimed it the primary cause of introducing the league. He appeared dedicated and thanked everyone who came out.

The launch was filled with music and entertainment, and the founders ensured that this mutual endeavor of the music industry and cricket is going to be a big hit.


Looking at the core of the mission statement, we can see that Shahid Afridi Foundation is trying to achieve something noble here. We often see that the PCB negates our legends. So, if this tournament manages to support our legends in some way and entertain us in the meanwhile, this is the best thing to happen. We sincerely hope, as cricket fans, that this thing becomes a success.

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