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Pakistan doesn’t need IPL

Cricketers from Pakistan have long been barred from competing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) due to diplomatic tensions between the two countries. According to former cricketer Aamer Sohail, this does not have a significant impact on Pakistan cricket. Let us find out why.

India and Pakistan experienced some issues, and as a result, Pakistani players were barred from participating in the IPL beginning in 2009. Even though certain Pakistani players, including Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi, participated at the start, things changed due to political considerations.

Pakistan’s response in the shape of PSL

In reaction to its exclusion from the IPL, Pakistan established its own T20 tournament, the Pakistan Super Tournament (PSL), in 2016. This league quickly gained international recognition. So, even though they couldn’t participate in the IPL, Pakistan established its successful cricket league. \

Aamer Sohail feels that Pakistani players’ lack of participation in the IPL had little impact on them, except for the money they could have made.

He claims that Pakistani players are doing well outside of the IPL. This is because they are in demand in other tournaments such as the BBL, ILT20, CPL, BPL, and LPL.

Concluding remarks

Pakistan started their own league, PSL. This PSL gives our cricketers the exposure they want. Aamer Sohail’s comments demonstrate that, despite losing some money, Pakistani cricket remains strong. As they try to improve, Pakistan cricket’s future appears good.

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