PCB seeks ICC’s help for Asia Cup 2023 deadlock

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has requested assistance from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to resolve a contentious disagreement about the Asia Cup 2023. Tensions between India and Pakistan have created doubts about the tournament’s sustainability as its destiny hangs in the balance.

In this blog, we explored the specifics of this ongoing impasse, the possible effects on the World Cup 2023, and the crucial role the ICC plays in settling this divisive issue. Prepare for a thrilling investigation into the rivalries and high stakes surrounding one of cricket’s most renowned championships.

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The Asia Cup 2023 Deadlock

The PCB has insisted on using a hybrid format for the Asia Cup 2023 since tensions between India and Pakistan have risen. However, the BCCI is still hesitant to accept this plan, creating a deadlock.

The PCB has even threatened to boycott the competition if their preferred model is unused. In the middle of the ambiguity, ICC representatives, including President Greg Barclay and CEO Geoff Allardice, travelled to Pakistan last week to speak with Najam Sethi.

The Concerns of the ICC

India and Pakistan will host ICC events in 2023 and 2025, respectively. That is why the ICC has raised worry over the tense ties between the two nations.

As per ICC, the issue will be discussed at the ACC meeting in Dubai following the World Test Championship. This meeting will affect both Asia Cup and ICC Cricket World Cup.

Potential Implications

The reputation and success of the Asia Cup 2023 would suffer greatly if Pakistan were to withdraw from the competition.

Furthermore, such a decision may affect Pakistan’s team’s ability to compete in other ICC tournaments in the future. This includes the ICC Champions Trophy 2025, which Pakistan is slated to host.

The tensions between the two cricketing nations will increase if the BCCI refuses to send their squad for the Champions Trophy.

The Role of ICC and BCCI Officials

Officials from the ICC and BCCI are now meeting in London to discuss the Asia Cup impasse. Officially, the meeting will occur at the Oval during the WTC Final, where officials from both parties will discuss the next step.

The conclusion of this meeting will play a significant role in determining the Asia Cup’s future. The outcome of the ACC conference in Dubai early the next week will determine the destiny of the Asia Cup 2023.

The BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and PCB Chairman Najam Sethi will debate at this meeting to reach an agreement.

The outcome of this meeting will decide the future of this tournament.


The PCB’s request for the ICC to resolve the Asia Cup 2023 impasse highlights how important this matter is. Whether or not the event goes as scheduled will depend on how the ACC meeting in Dubai turns out.

As cricket fans, we hope that the ICC, BCCI, and PCB can reach a compromise to open the door for an exciting and welcoming Asia Cup that unites the continent’s cricketing nations.

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