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Zalmi fined for slow over-rate

Not everything goes as planned, as shown in a recent encounter between Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi Kings. This blog will look at what happened during the game.

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Why was Peshawar Zalmi penalized for slow over-rate? What can the squad do to avert similar incidents in the future? So, if you like crickv et or want to know more about it, keep reading to find out more!

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Zalmi was fined for slow over-rate

Ali Naqvi fined the Zalmis for their slow over-rate. The event occurred during the game’s second match, which Peshawar Zalmi won by two runs over the Kings on Tuesday. Let’s take a deeper look at the occurrence, its consequences, and the actions the team must take to prevent such occurrences.

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Match referee Ali Naqvi determined that Peshawar Zalmi were above their objective. Taking time considerations into account, penalized each player 10% of the match fee.

According to Article 2.22 of the HBL PSL Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel, every player will be penalized if a team struggles to keep the required over-rate.

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Implications and what the team needs to do

Sustaining the over-rate is an essential component of cricket. And teams must adhere to the rules. These standards make sure that everything ends on time. And that spectators get to see the entire game without any needless interruptions. The HBL PSL strictly enforces over-rate breaches. It penalizes teams who fail to maintain the necessary pace.

Peshawar Zalmi must be more vigilant to maintain the desired over-rate. The team must improve its time management. Each player must know these things given for each over. Teams need to do the following things:

  • Heavy celebrations
  • Excess time players spend on field placement
  • lengthy conversations between the bowler and the captain


Keeping proper over-rate is an integral part of cricket that teams must take seriously. The authorities try to enforce these laws strictly and fine the clubs that fail to maintain the appropriate pace.

The match referee penalized the Zalmis 10% of their match money for sustaining a sluggish over-rate throughout their match versus Karachi Kings.

To avoid such accidents in the future, the staff must be more proactive and improve their time management abilities. The team can choose a timekeeper, and the head coach can engage with the players to improve their time management abilities.

Peshawar Zalmi can avoid additional penalties by adopting these procedures to maintain the acceptable over-rate.

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