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Pollard reprimanded for PSL Code of Conduct breach

Cricket is a sport that involves discipline as well as a passion for the game and your teammates. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has a Code of Conduct that outlines the anticipated behaviour of players and support personnel during the season. A recent violation of the rules by Multan Sultans all-rounder Kieron Pollard has highlighted the necessity of following the rules. This blog will explore the incident and its repercussions, emphasizing the need to preserve the sport’s integrity.

Pollard was reprimanded for a PSL Code of Conduct breach.

Pollard’s actions, including a ferocious farewell to Qalandars’ Abdullah Shafique, were judged a level-one code breach. The event occurred in the 13th over of the first innings when Pollard signalled towards the dugout after capturing Abdullah Shafique’s wicket off his bowling.

Code of Conduct Breach

As defined by the PCB, Pollard’s actions violated Article 2.5 of the PSL Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Staff. Utilizing “language, acts, or gestures that denigrate or might incite an angry reaction from a batter following his/her removal during a match” is prohibited under the article. After collecting Abdullah Shafique’s catch, Pollard’s motion toward the pavilion was judged as “words, acts, or gestures” that might elicit an angry reaction from the batter.

Acceptance of Sanction

Pollard has acknowledged the Code of Conduct violation accusation and the sentence imposed by match referee Muhammad Javed Malik. Pollard pled guilty to the allegation, and the PCB affirmed that no formal hearing would be required. Pollard’s acceptance of the accusation and sentence imposed by the match referee prevented any further disciplinary processes from being necessary.

The umpires brought the charge against Pollard. The importance of umpires in upholding the Code of Conduct cannot be emphasized. The umpires ensure that players follow the code, and any violations are swiftly notified to the match referee.

The Importance of the Code of Conduct

The PSL Code of Conduct is a collection of rules and guidelines that regulate players’ and support personnel’s behaviour throughout the competition. The code is in place to guarantee that the competition is conducted positively and that all players, including athletes, support personnel, and match officials, are given respect. The code establishes the norms of behaviour required of players and support staff and the repercussions of code violations.

Also, the code is critical to preserving the tournament’s and sport’s integrity. It defines the roles and obligations of players and employees. The code of conduct also states unequivocally that any code violation would result in disciplinary action. It also allows players to dispute any punishments imposed on them if they believe they have been handled unfairly.


Kieron Pollard’s penalty for violating the PSL Code of Conduct emphasizes the significance of following the rules. The code is in place to guarantee that all players are treated with dignity. The umpires play an essential role in upholding the code, and any violations are immediately reported to the match referee.

Pollard’s acceptance of the accusation and sentence imposed by the match referee prevented any further disciplinary processes from being necessary. The event serves as a reminder to all participants and supports staff to play the competition properly.

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