Punjab Govt Dispute – PSL venues likely to be changed

The Pakistan Cricket Board and the Punjab government are at odds over a demand for more funds for security precautions for the next HBL Pakistan Super League games. This controversy has cast doubt on the locations of the forthcoming games, with the PCB using cost-cutting measures and refusing to pay the money asked by the Punjab government. This post will look more into the issue and its potential influence on the PSL.

Demand for More Money

As per sources, the Punjab government has requested an extra Rs450 million for safety for the games, which will occur in Lahore and Rawalpindi on February 26 and March 1, respectively. This sum is in addition to the Rs50 million previously paid by the PCB for the same reason in the past.

The provincial administration has filed a bill for Rs450 million, but Mohsin Naqvi’s interim government in Punjab demands more. According to a report published last week, the Punjab government has requested Rs800 million for games conducted in the province.

Nevertheless, the PCB is implementing economic measures after incurring Rs1 billion in losses. While organizing the Pakistan Junior League under the time of former chief executive Ramiz Raja. The board has chosen not to shell out such a large sum.

The PCB has scheduled an emergency meeting with all teams on Friday to inform them of the Punjab government’s request.

The Meeting’s Outcome

Matches scheduled for Lahore and Rawalpindi on Friday might be rescheduled for Karachi. Following consultation with team owners, a decision will be made. Supporters in the Punjab capital and Rawalpindi have already purchased match tickets. And Lahore will host the final, one qualifier, and two eliminators. But, to save money, the PCB may have to move the locations.

Compared to the Punjab government, the Sindh administration has requested only Rs30 million for the Karachi games. This is much less than the sum demanded by the Punjab government.

The primary security expenditure for conducting PSL games is the installation of lighting on both ends of the teams’ travels from hotels to venues. The distance between Lahore and Rawalpindi is approximately 12-15 kilometres, and generators are necessary to power them.

Previous conversations about building hotels closer to stadiums to reduce security costs were undertaken. Still, neither the authorities nor the PCB seriously tried to include the private industry in completing the project.


The argument between the PCB and the Punjab government over additional funds for security protocols has placed doubt on the locations for the remaining PSL matches. The PCB is implementing austerity measures and is refusing to pay the sum requested by the Punjab government.

The conclusion of the PCB’s emergency meeting on Friday will decide if matches scheduled for Lahore and Rawalpindi will be moved to Karachi. Before, conversations about building hotels near the stadiums were conducted, but nothing solid came from it. The security costs for PSL matches are substantial. And identifying methods for lowering them should be a top concern for all parties.

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