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PSL 9 Drafts: Three relegation requests accepted

There is news concerning three players ahead of the forthcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 draft: Mir Hamza of Karachi Kings, Tahir Baig of Lahore Qalandars, and Rumman Raees of Islamabad United. They’ve undergone a process that has changed their player categories, influencing how teams plan for the upcoming season.

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently released the results of a process that allowed local players to shift classifications. Mir Hamza, Tahir Baig, and Rumman Raees were initially in the Gold category. However, they successfully requested to be demoted to the Silver level.

Players in focus

A Karachi Kings player, Mir Hamza, has dropped from Gold to Silver. This adjustment may force the Karachi Kings to reconsider which players they want to maintain for the upcoming season. Mir Hamza’s performance will be critical to the team’s success.

Karachi Kings: Karachi Kings Squad 2024

Tahir Baig of the Lahore Qalandars is another player who has switched from gold to silver. The Lahore Qalandars will have to reconsider who they want remaining on their team now that Tahir Baig’s category has changed.

Lahore Qalandars: Lahore Qalandars Squad 2024 PSL 9 [CONFIRMED]

Rumman Raees of Islamabad United is the third player to switch from Gold to Silver. Given Rumman Raees’ new category, Islamabad United must make wise judgments throughout the draft.

Islamabad United: Islamabad United Squad 2024 – PSL 9 [CONFIRMED]

Impact on the teams

This shift in player category adds an intriguing element to the team-building process. Teams must now revise their retention strategies. This unexpected development adds to the excitement of the PSL 9 draft as fans wait to see how clubs will form up for the next season.

Teams are scrambling to determine which players to keep ahead of the PSL 9 draft on December 14 in Lahore. The adjustments in the categories of Mir Hamza, Tahir Baig, and Rumman Raees make this decision-making process even more critical for teams.


The changes in player categories provide an element of surprise as we approach the PSL 9 draft. Mir Hamza, Tahir Baig, and Rumman Raees have all undergone adjustments, and it is now up to the teams to adjust.

The anticipation for the draft is growing, paving the way for an exciting PSL season from February 8 to March 24, 2024. Stay tuned for further information on the retained players and the next spectacular cricket matches!

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