Sunil Gavaskar bashes Pakistan’s batsmen

India’s veteran batsman, Sunil Gavaskar, has taken Pakistan’s batting lineup to the cleaners after their below-average batting performance against India. Gavaskar has stated that Babar alone cannot do anything, and it is stupid to think that you can win big tournaments with just one capable batsman.

“People, particularly in Pakistan, keep talking about India having only one or two players. I mean, how many players does Pakistan have? Particularly in the batting department. Apart from Babar, who do they have?”

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Sunil Gavaskar has stated that all the performance is on Babar’s shoulders. You cannot depend on one player since the opposition can simply make a plan for that player, manage him, and defeat you easily. And he build the case that this is what Bharat has done.

Gavaskar has stated that if the match on 2 September had carried on, he doesn’t think Pakistan could have chased down 266 runs. He also said that everyone criticizes India for relying on Virat and Rohit too much. While Pakistan only has Babar. Things don’t work like that.

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“There are no ifs and buts in the game. But the way Pakistan batted today, it seemed India would have been able to defend 266 the other day if the game (1st match) had carried on.”

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